Profile of a Person: Interviewing a Musician

Published: 2021-09-10 08:35:10
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When I first thought about who I should interview, I was kind of lost, because I do not know a lot of people inside Belmont yet, so I had the idea to interview one of my teammates from the soccer team. After thinking about it, I realized that interviewing one of my teammates would not be a very good idea, first because the majority or all of them have the same interests as mine, and are experiencing almost the same things as myself, and second because the thing that we most like in our lives is soccer, so it would be kind of boring to write about a person that looks like me in a lot of things.
After a few days thinking about who I should interview, I came to the conclusion that it would be good to write about a musician from here. There are several reasons why I chose a musician to write about. First of all, because they all like a stuff that I have never tried before, and they kind of live for that. Second, because they have a lot of different interests than I have, and also probably different cultures.
Last but not least, musicians have always make me feel curious about themselves, so I really enjoyed the idea of interviewing a musician. There is a guy from my hall that I have realized is a lot different than all the others students that I can see in patton hall. The interesting thing about him is that he always look so peaceful, acting like there is not a problem that could bother him, or a person that he could not like. He also wears different clothes, and he is always playing the guitar outside the building by himself.
The guy that I am talking about is Andrew Gordon Conner, who has born on august 8 1992, and he is the person that organize my hall, and needs to maintain the organization, like a security, known here in the U. S as R. A. I knew that he was a different guy with a lot of experiences for me to know, but actually he was way more than that. Andrew was born at Bangkok, Thailand. At the time he told me that, I became so interest to know about the culture, and all the differences between there and here.
The most interesting thing about Andrew is that he has already lived in few different places and knows a lot of different cultures. He lived there in Bangkok until his six years old, and he had a good life there. He was used to live in a property where his family was the only white family in the whole building, what for me, I think it would be kind of scary, but according to him, it was kind of normal for him and his parents. His dad was used to work for a company back in Bangkok that when Andrew was six, the company changed place to Arizona, United States.
With six years, he had already challenged the difficulties of change home to another country, and especially the big change of culture. Andrew was lucky to move when he was only six, because whenever you have more then ten years and had already made a lot of friends, and had already gone to school, it would be much harder to get used to this big change. What Andrew can remember about the differences about culture between the two countries is that Respect the others is much important there than here.
Back in Bangkok they do not yell, they never honk, maybe these is the reason why he always look so peaceful, but he also realized that back in Bangkok there are no signals on the street, no speed limit, and they are more disorganized than here at the U. S. For Andrew, the huge difference that he could realize is that back in Bangkok is so crowded, with a lot of cars, traffic, people moving so fast, people everywhere, just like New York, and there in Arizona he used to live in a farm city, where everything was so slow, and the city had only a few habitants.
Since his childhood, Andrew uses to play instruments, that according to him is the thing that keeps him “alive” and moves him forward. When he was a child he was at first, used to play Mandolin, but after a while started to play the guitar, and it is his favorite instrument for sure. After a while living at Arizona, his father found a new job in Chicago, which he would earn more money and his family would have a better life, so with ten years old Andrew’s Family moved to Chicago. The clash of culture again was huge. We always hear about peculations that people in the north of U. S are less friendly, less polite, less smily, and according to him, all these are true, so he said it was very hard to get used to this new environment, which was also as crowded as Bangkok. Andrew lived in Bangkok couple years, and studied the first year of high school there, at “Wheaton Warrenville South College”. In the end of the first year of high school he quit school, because he thought it was so boring and he wanted to practice more and more music, so he started only to play music.
In the same year he decided to go to a community college in the south of Chicago to do the three years that were left for him to graduate. Once one more time, Andrew faced another change of culture. According to him, in the community college, they treat you as an adult, not as a child like they use to in high school, and the teachers know that almost no one there wants to study, so they are used to enter in the class, teach the subject whatever the students are doing, without complaining or stoping classes, and people in class could be at any age, for example, he was once in a class with a forty years old man.
In the end of the high school years he had to take a test called “GED” to get a diploma. Once he was ended with school, he decided to travel back to Thailand, because he needed more time to think about which university he wanted to apply for. With eighteen he came back to Thailand and lived in a city called Chiang Mai. According to him, the best place to live, and the one that he most liked to live in his entire life.
He likes there, because at the same time that it is a big city, and has a lot of things to do, all the stuff you need you can find there, there are a lot of concerts, bars, it is not crowded as Bangkok and Chicago, and the most important thing for him to like Chiang Mai is that the city is up in the mountains, there is a river that pass trough it, and there is no big buildings, so it looks much more “Open”. Is also a city with a lot of musicians, just like him. His biggest challenge at this point was to choose a university, because he already knew what his major would be. He decided his major would be “Guitar”.
Andrew wanted to live in a music city, so he was interested on two different cities: Nashville and Los Angeles. Once he started looking for universities on these two cities, he found a good one in Los Angeles called “The Musicians Institute” and a good one on nashville called “Belmont University”. It was not a big deal for him to choose which one he would like to study, first because he likes calm cities such Chiang Mai, not crowded cities just like Bangkok, and second because he did not want to go to a university where there was only musicians, which was the case of The Musicians Institute.
His changes through his life, such cultures change, environment changes, small to big cities change, make his decision to apply to Belmont and live at nashville a lot easier than anyone who did not have these experiences. So in 2010, Andrew moved to Nashville to start the college, and his family still living at Chicago. Andrew is at the Sophomore year here in Belmont, and at the beginning of this year he changed his major from “Guitar” to “Audio Engineering Technology” because it is much wider than studying only about Guitar, and he realized that it would give a lot more jobs opportunities in his career.
He likes Nashville and plans to study the four years here. Andrew goes to a lot of concerts of classic music here around nashville, is like his hobby. The interesting thing about me and Andrew, is that we both like soccer, but he only plays for fun. He likes to play at the backyard, some five v. five matches on the grass, but have never played in a team before. He really enjoys to watch soccer matches, and have been to four of Belmont Men’s Soccer matches so far.

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