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Published: 2021-07-02 05:45:05
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Family is a term that can be interpreted differently by in individual, and is usually defined as a support system. In private Peaceful family members are emotionally, linked and have a strong bond. There are several aspects of the Peaceful family, such as the values, love and supports to each other, but not all of the family have this kind of values. In Private Peaceful the family shows a good of a family who love each other no matter what.
Their tenderness and care for Big Joe is very touching. Big Joe is mentally disable and sometimes his noisy and he do thing that he shouldn’t do but they still understand him. Charlie and Tommo look out for big Joe and protect him. Charlie loves and really care to his brother Tommo an example for this is when Charlie sticks with Tommo of first day of school. He defends him against the bully of Jimmy Parson kicks during his fight over big Joe. It shows that he really love his two brother.
Tommo looks up to Charlie and they are always there for each other. Tommo support Charlie for Charlie’s love for Molly, even it’s hard for him because he also like Molly but he still supports his brother, he even becomes the postman delivering their letters to each other. When Charlie decides to go to the war, Tommo said that he will go with him, because he doesn’t want to be far away to Charlie. We learned that Tommo can’t live without his brother; and he just wants to be with him.
In peaceful family we usually learned the importance life values such as bravery and accepting others. Tommo, Charlie and mother accept Molly as a real family member. Mother treats Molly as her real daughter. The peaceful also shows the bravery an example for this is When Tommo is in the war and he break his leg and he have to go out, into no- mans- land but he can’t so Charlie steps in and stays back with Tommo, but Charlie get in to trouble for disobeying the order of the sergeant. This shows how brave is Charlie.
Another example of bravey is when Tommo joined the army, we can see that he’s brave because joining the army is not easy and he can die for it. Not all the family is the same as Peaceful. Peaceful family have a good family values and they are really close to each other. Molly’s family is different to them, her parents are really strict, and they don’t care to their daughter’s feelings. We see this when Molly’s parents stop her from seeing Charlie, instead of supporting their daughter. The author of this book shows how love of the family is important.
The family that stick together, love one another and have a good attitude and values are more likely close and understand each other. On another hand when family doesn’t have this kind of values, and the parents are really strict to their children it often breaks. They will find another family that will understand them. Molly is one of this, she doesn’t feel the love and support of her parents for her, but when she’s with the peaceful family she see and feel the love and support that she needed.

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