Prince Shotoku

Published: 2021-08-27 23:00:07
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Prince Shotoku was born on February 7,572. Prince Shotoku was a member of the imperial clan and took the throne after Empress Suiko’s reign. He was also known as Prince Umayado, Prince Kamitsumiya. Prince Shotoku was the son of Emperor Yomei. He was the second son born to the Emperor. When he was very little, he read a lot of books and he became very smart. Because of his intelligence and mind, Emperor Yomei decided that his second born son would make a good prince and future emperor. Prince Shotoku came into power in 593.
Shotoku was inspired by Buddhist teachings, and wished to form a centralized government in his ruling era. Prince Kamitsumiya created and formed Japan’s first Constitution, also known as the Seventeen- Article Constitution to have rules for officials to be more worried about political affairs. He also wanted to spread Buddhism throughout Japan and build temples and much more to spread around the world. Prince Shotoku believed in Buddhism and followed all of the Buddhism to reach paradise and be a good Emperor.
He was a very intelligent ruler with all of his thoughtful ideas and plans, he brought Japan to its Golden Age. He allowed his people to believe that he was a good ruler and could bring peace and harmony into Japan. After his years of ruling, he has turned Japan into a powerful aristocracy, and also noble families also held high positions in the government. “All men are influenced by partisanship, and there are few who have wide vision.

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