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3) The procuring entity shall deal with the request 108 No. 3 Public Procurement and Disposal 2005 for quotations in accordance with the following — (a) the procuring entity shall give the request to such persons as the procuring entity determines; (b) the request must be given to as many persons as necessary to ensure effective competition and must be given to at least three persons, unless that is not possible; and (c) the procuring entity shall give the request to each person early enough so that the person has adequate time to prepare a quotation. (4) The successful quotation shall be the quotation with the lowest price that meets the requirements set out in the request for quotations.
5) The following shall apply with respect to the contract resulting from a procurement by a request for quotations — (a) the procuring entity shall place a purchase order with the person submitting the successful quotation; and (b) the person submitting the successful quotation shall confirm the purchase order in writing. (6) If there will not be effective competition unless foreign persons participate, the following shall apply — (a) the request for quotations must be in English; (b) the technical requirements must, to the extent compatible with requirements under Kenyan law, be based on international standards or standards widely used in international trade; 109 No. 3 Public Procurement and Disposal 2005 c) a person submitting a quotation may, in quoting prices or providing security, use a currency that is widely used in international trade and that the request for quotations specifically allows to be used; and (d) any general and specific conditions to which the contract will be subject must be of a kind generally used in international trade. E – Procedure for low-value procurements When may be used. 90.
(1) A procuring entity may use a low-value procurement procedure if — (a) the estimated value of the goods, works or services being procured are less than or equal to the prescribed maximum value for that low-value procurement procedure; and (b) any other prescribed conditions for the use of the low-value procurement procedure are satisfied. (2) A regulation prescribing a maximum value for a low-value procurement procedure or prescribing conditions for the use of such a procedure may prescribe different values or

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