Potato Battery

Published: 2021-10-08 05:20:10
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Background of the Study The researchers conducted this study to be able to know that the electricity from fruits is important because it also indicates the concentration of minerals available in fruits. It is also an alternative way to do than using the electricity where in, the use of solar energy is important, and for such, it could help the mother earth for it would not cause harm and it could do a lot of help as it’s from a natural way. A potato battery is an electrochemical battery, otherwise known as an electrochemical cell.
An electrochemical cell is a cell in which chemical energy is converted to electric energy by a spontaneous electron transfer. In the case of the potato, the zinc in the nail reacts with the copper wire. The potato acts as a sort of buffer between the zinc ions and the copper ions. The zinc and copper ions would still react if they touched within the potato but they would only generate heat. Since the potato keeps them apart, the electron transfer has to take place over the copper wires of the circuit, which channels the energy into the clock.
You have potato power. We only need a potato, a couple nails and a piece of wire to make a potato battery. It’s a fun science project that helps show the way things work in a battery by using everyday items we see around the house. As in the potato battery, the goal is to learn more about electricity, and possibly a few new science terms along the way. The project is designed to be performed on its own, but if the “Light Bulb” experiment is done at the same time, it can help connect the concept of a voltmeter reading to the familiar lighting of a flashlight bulb.

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