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Published: 2021-09-29 19:20:12
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The purpose of this paper is to help reorganize the Junction City Police Department from the current traditional organization. Information used to do this paper is a case study titled Malfunction Junction in chapter 3 of Justice Administration. The department is in Junction City, a growing community of 150,000 residents.
The city is an agriculturally based area in the center of the state. With a population of 10,000 to 20,000, visitors a day during the summer months come to Junction City. The downtown area is deteriorating over the past several years from this deterioration is increased crime and disorder.As a new police, chief the city manager and Council are seeking views on the strategy of implementation and operation of community policing and problem solving. In addition, how as the new police chief this may be approached and implemented. Case Study Malfunction Junction Several problems envisioned from traditional thinking officers and supervisors can occur. Some of these problems may occur because these officers and supervisors do not accept change.
They also may not like the new technology of today. These officers and supervisors are used to the old way and do not want to accept new policies and requirements for the policies.With this, they may be concerned with losing jobs or pay occurring from this change. These traditional thinking officers and supervisors will have to become accustomed to the new ways of the organization. Although there is a growing number of desk bound administrative personnel the department needs to change. Adapting new programs for community policing and problem solving. Adopting these new programs will provide these officers and supervisors with help.
This will or may reduce the workload of these officers and supervisors.By reducing, the workload can change the morale of the department will let traditional thinking personnel see the importance of change. As a new police chief to handle the concerns of the officers and supervisors. New policies will need to be set in place ensuring these personnel that the organization will improve. Conduct regular meetings to address the concerns of the officers and supervisors. While providing an open-door policy ensuring a fair amount of work for each employee so officers and supervisors are not overloaded with work. The seven elements of police organization and structure of functional differentiation, ccupational differentiation, partial differentiation, vertical differentiation, centralization, formalization, and administrative intensity.
As police chief, all seven of the elements would need to be reorganizing to accommodate COPPS (community- oriented policing and problem solving). The reorganization is needed because of the gain in population and changing demographics. Along with the growth of industry increased crime and disorder. First is to divide the labor and methods used to divide the work. Possessing 100 sworn and 35 not sworn plus all the deskbound and rank structure in the department.This would make the organization run smoother. The different tasks need to be assigned to different departments can make the organization more functional moving the organization from traditional thinking would improve the morale of officers and supervisors.
The occupational differentiation of the organization should be reorganized. This way the experience personnel used to help the city’s crime and disorder. This will help instead of deskbound this will put more officials on the streets and help the workload and morale of the department.The reorganization of the department needs spread out to accommodate the growing amount of population in the city. The element of spatial differentiation will make the organization more functional than it is right now. In this way, more areas covered within the city. The vertical differentiation of the department needs reorganizing as well.
Instead of having, all the deskbound administration gives these personnel the authority to make decisions. Putting these officials in the authority will bring the morale up in the department. Instead of earning, a wage for just sitting at a desk the workload reduced.Centralization reorganized will put the senior administration involved in making decisions. These individuals can provide the officers and supervisors the opportunity to focus on the importance of crime control and disorder. Formalization and administrative intensity need to be reorganize. This will help the department accommodate COPPS because the organization considered bureaucratic.
The employees will follow specific rules and policies put in place by administration and department and policies. COPPS or community-oriented policing and problem-solving helps address long-term factors affecting crime and disorder.Two different strategies need integrated in a proper manner. COPPS is organized mainly to solve problems that relate to crime, improve the quality of the citizen’s life by reducing crime, and reduce fear of crime by the citizens. Several steps for COPPS is to identifying community problems, analyzing these problems, respond to the reason for such problems, evaluation, and assessment of the problems. Several misconceptions to implement COPPS is to have more police officers do vehicle or foot patrol, implementing a number of police stations these expectations are unrealistic.In order to move into the COPPS difficulties such as change in leadership and management, new principles, mission, goals, objectives, and the basic values.
These changes from the agencies could align according to the aims and objectives. A large amount of effort should go into allocating resources, planning, evaluation, and management styles. Greater commitment and development of policies can create an environment conductive to change. Although the implementation of applying COPPS in any organization or agency would not be a simple task.To evaluate the progress of the community policy initiative different types of information needs to be obtained. These types of information should be the progress of the community policy that was put in place. Describing how long this policy was in place and the reasons for the policy is this policy helping the community or is it just being a waste of time.
Other information obtained to evaluate the policy is the involvement or amount of involvement from the community. Does the community care for this policy are they helping with the policy or is this as well just another policy in place not being used.Several other types of information that should be evaluated is has crime been reduced, fear of crime reduced, is the community involvement working. As a police chief to move away from the traditional thinking, organization to a more modern-day organization will take a large amount of hard work and reorganizing. Understanding the amount of times the officers on the department and that these officers are used to the way things done over the years. No matter what position or employment people have a problem adjusting to change.Not everyone will like changes and not everyone will like new policies or programs put into place.
Once this is accomplished, the officers and supervisors will become to realize that change can be good. In addition, once the morale of the department is gone back up the community will see that the department is functioning and doing the best they can with what they have. This will get the community involved in the COPPS program and they will take pride in helping maintain a safe and crime free city, which will profit the organization but the industry of the city.

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