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Performed not only as a requirement for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate,(CSEC) I can only reemphasize along with the colleagues that this has quite easily been the most noisy, tiring yet exciting sports activity that I have taken part in. And even though the sun was shining and the spectators were cheering I have learnt a lot and have immensely enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience. This feeling of utter enjoyment came in the form of a Volleyball Tournament. Played by the respective houses of St. Roses High School, it has brought everyone together.
As I go along I will explain in detail the various steps that caused this tournament to be such an unbeatable success. Report The first stage of planning involved forming a conclusion as to what event would be carried out. This decision was based mainly on our financial status, availability of equipment, and the time frame needed to properly and effectively complete this task. Upon examination of this information and careful debating of my colleagues’ and my superiors’ suggestions, it was agreed that a Volleyball tournament was the most appropriate.
Subsequently, our organizing committee went on further to allot a specific time, date and venue for the tournament. Prior to this, as the rules were confirmed and affixed, the entry fees and dress code was taken into consideration along with any other suggestions. It was concluded by this party that the tournament be held on the 30th November, 2012. It would commence at 11:00 hours decided that the weather was accommodating as the St. Roses High School Hard Court lacked a cover of any sort. With these pressing matters sorted out, we were allowed to move on.
However, we ran into another obstacle, into the designation of, which persons would be assigned to the specific roles. With the event creeping upon us, we were forced to make decisions and quickly. Subsequently, our decision making party was busy in the upcoming days. Finalizing our decisions and plans were of utmost importance. With an abundance of willing participants the team captains of the respective houses were allowed to select their creme de la creme; promising a competitive yet entertaining tournament. The day was upon us. There was a good turnout of supporters as there were high expectations of the participating teams.
Due to some discrepancies between the respective players, the tournament was forced to begin at 11:25. The trophies and champagne bottles were lined up on full display for competitors and spectators alike. The sun was shining brilliantly in the sky causing the champagne bottles to be removed and be placed in a refrigerator. Consequently, the part of our team consisting of the scorers, first aid officers, and the competition secretary was placed in a more shaded area which only improved our view of the game. After setting up the score sheet, we were seated as the players warmed up with various routine exercises.
The rules were read out and the whistle was blown signaling the commencement of the first game of the tournament. In the first game of the tournament, Loretto and Merici played. The atmosphere suddenly cackled with tension as a rally began then almost immediately as a point was scored, spectators replied with loud hoots of encouragement. Loretto played hard, living up to their game motto of,”Play hard, no mercy”. In the first set, Merici won by eight points but in the second set, Loretto returned with a vengeance snatching the victory by a mere five points.
It was now the last set to end the first game. Spectators and officials alike paid keen attention. The referees were alert in their judging, the journalists anxious to capture every moment. In fifty six minutes, Merici had been acclaimed the winner of the first game. Following this game, Brescia and Cologne played for the next eighty two (82) minutes. Entering the game, feeling an overwhelming sense of confidence, Cologne left the following remarks, “Best wishes to my opponents”. The game was well played, whereby Brescia claimed the first set but Cologne won the second set by a margin of five points.
The third and final set was very close; the winning house victorious by a mere three points. “Cologne was a very strong and competitive. Gave them a run for their money but the best wins” was the response from Brescia, the triumphant team. Cologne defended their loss by mentioning the incompetence and blatant biasness of the referees. Next up, playing were the teams Lima and Merici. This game beginning at 02:40 and ending at 03:10; was over soon as Lima immediately dominated over Merici. This game concluded after only two games as Lima strutted off the court victorious.
In the first game, Lima won by five points, only to increase their winning points in the second and final game by seven points. The finals were now. The teams stretched their muscles and warmed up their bodies. Everything was put in place by both to increase their chances of winning the Inter – House Volleyball Knockout Tournament. In the first round, beginning promptly at 15:40 hours, Lima and Brescia fought valiantly. What Brescia lacked in team work, they made up for in spirit, their game motto said it all,”In it to win it”. Everyone cooperated as the journalists communicated with both the players and spectators alike.
The moments were captured accurately by the sports journalists as the players sported their game faces as their fist connected with ball. Brescia worked for their victory as one of the teammates from Brescia did irreversible damage to his shoes. His bottom souls literally peeled away leaving him playing almost barefooted. But he was determined to lead his team toward victory so he stormed on mashing on pebble and rocks all for the overall prize of his team’s victory. In a time span of fifty eight minutes (58), Brescia was victorious in both the first and third sets but Lima took the spotlight in the second set.
Even though Lima lost the game, portrayed was a fine example of cooperation. The trophies and prizes in the form of non – alcoholic champagne were handed out the respective winners. Although Brescia had won most of the games in the finals, Lima managed to achieve the highest number of points overall. All in all it was a fine show of clean competition as both teams shook hands and tapped each other on the back all the while complimenting Lima on a game played well. Moments were captured with cameras, blackberries and other electronic devices. Rules of tournament Criteria for judging Each player must pay an entry fee of $200.
Team members must be from the same house. Only 3rd to 6th form students are allowed to play. All players must be clad in their respective house colours. These are listed as: – Cologne Lorretto Brescia Merici Lima A maximum of (8) eight players per house. Deadline for all registrations must be completed by 19th November, 2012. Roles and Responsibilities Tasked with the honorary role of acting as one of the two Competition Scorers, the researcher was to abide by the following rules. These responsibilities include: – To keep track of the score throughout the respective volleyball games.
To note the lineup of each team before the game begins and inform the respective referees if the lineup was not received on time. To ensure that when and if a substitute player arises to inform the referee promptly. General Reflection An event so vast did not disappoint. With many spectators around the staff was quite efficient in the proper execution of their duties. As usual there were some hurdles that presented themselves, which contributed in making the game more interesting. Honored with playing the role of one of two official scorers, the researcher was always in the middle of the game.
This without doubt, turned out to be the most interesting official position in a volleyball tournament. This role was the deciding factor between the victor and the loser of the tournament. The referees handled their positions well. Any disagreements were taken care of with the utmost level of sportsmanship. In making decisions, patience and fairness were always incorporated. Not only were the linesmen busy but the journalists also were always on their feet, hungry for remarks and action. These busy officials were well communicators as spectators and players alike had no problem relating to them, answering their questions comfortably.
The competition secretary was always present at her station not once giving into distractions from her colleagues. Not to mention, the first aid officers were quite remarkable in their work. Players arrived at their station with a grimace and left with a satisfied smile. The competition director was always on the patrol for any incoming disasters. This official chatted regularly with her fellow officials and paid keen attention to what they were saying. All in all, this competition brought together us students through teamwork and cooperation. Obstacles were cleared out of the way resulting in a successful volleyball tournament.
Everyone put a great effort, no one complained and even though the heat was somewhat suffocating, everything was carried out in a professional and calm manner. Glossary Committee – A group of people officially delegated to perform a function, such as investigating, considering, reporting, or acting on a matter. Communicators – To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood. Competition – A test of skill or ability; a contest. Contribute – To give or supply in common with others; give to a common fund or for a common purpose. Director – One that supervises, controls, or manages.
Disagreement – A failure or refusal to agree. Duty – The compulsion felt to meet such obligation. Event – A significant occurrence or happening. Execute – To put into effect; carry out. Finals – the deciding part or parts of a sports or other competition. Honour – great respect, regard, esteem, etc. , or an outward sign of this. Hurdles – An obstacle or difficulty to be overcome. Obstacle – One that opposes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress. Opponents – One that opposes another or others in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate. Requirements – Something obligatory; a necessity.
Respective – Relating to two or more persons or things regarded individually; particular. Responsibilities – Something for which one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden. Spectators – An observer of an event. Sportsmanship – The fact or practice of participating in sports or a sport. Stage – The scene of an event or of a series of events. Staff – A group of assistants to a manager, executive, or other person in authority Supporters – One who promotes or supports. Task – A piece of work assigned or done as part of one’s duties. Team – A group organized to work together.
Tournament – A series of contests in which a number of contestants compete and the one that prevails through the final round or that finishes with the best record is declared the winner. Effective – Having an intended or expected effect. Bibliography Caribbean Examinations Council: Physical Education and Sports Syllabus, the Garrison, Barbados, 2005. Fivb. org/ score sheet manual Fivb. org/ coaches manual Fivb. org/volleyball Appendix Attentively waiting; in anticipation of the coming volleyball. Careful planning on how to win their game. Attentive and vibrant spectators. Score sheet for the first game.
Referee Stanley pondering quite deeply on who is to receive the rally point to. First Aid Officer working diligently on her patient. Official Scorers at work. Volleyball Tournament: Order of Match Entry Form ST. Rose’s High School Class of 2013 Inter – House Volleyball KNOCKOUT Tournament Date: Friday 30th November Time: 11:00Hrs Location: St. Rose’s High School Hard Court Division: Male Guidelines for entry Each player must pay an entry fee of $200 Team members must be from the same House All players must be clad in their respective house colours Only 3rd to 6th form students are allowed to play TEAM MEMBERS Team Captain
Player Player Player Player Subs Subs House Master/ Mistress Signature Due Date: 19th November 2012. Sample Score Sheet for the Volleyball Tournament Conclusion All in all, this was a memorable experience as everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves from my perspective. There were many supporters who attended school for the mere reason of cheering on their colleagues and house mates. To conclude, although there were obstacles they were “ran over” as a team and although there were arguments, it was broken up as a cooperation; anchored by the prospect of everyone carrying out their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

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