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Published: 2021-06-28 02:10:05
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Transportation has been used since man knew how to walk. As time passed, it grew to not only having one way to travel but a variety of means, from cars to planes, and from highways to railways. A great example of how transportation has grown and adapted through time, can be seen through the Philippine National Railway. “The PNR carries a significant role in the future of our mass transportation system that would, not only carry commuters in Metro Manila but also passengers who would like to travel in the northern and southern parts of Luzon” (PNR, 2013). “The PNR played an important role that shaped our nation to what it is today.
It is very rich in history” (PNR, 2013). The PNR could not be what it is today if not for its influential history, from how it began, to its ups and downs, and to what it is today. 3. HISTORY Its started when colonial era is near to end. They established Ferrocarill de Manila-Dagupan by the royal fiat from king of spain named Alfonso. Few months passed after King Alfonso hired a new Inspector of Public Works they submitted a plan for that railway and they call it “ Memorial Sobre El Plan General De Ferrocarriles En La Isla De Luzon”. Earliear they approve it on June 1, 1887 that railway line is from Manila to Dagupan.
But there are people argued for it for several reasons, they transfer it to Don Carlos Bertodano. They represent MRRCo or Manila Rail Road Company. In November 1896, the revolutionary forces overtook and interrupted rail traffic at various point, having the new north line operated for at least four years. After the revolution the Americans wanted to gain power over the Philippines and so they’ve decided to buy out the Philippines from the Spaniards but this decision caused so much that they’ve declared war against each other but they’ve both made a treaty which was later on called the treaty of Paris and the two conqueror agreed and surrendered to each other. September 1, 1939 when the Germany invaded Poland and that was the start of World War II, while in 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, it has been going for two years forcing the US to join the war.
After a year Japanese occupied our country. That was 1945 including imperial army takes control of it until the war was completion. After despite of everything happened, the Philippine rail road became modernized from 1954-1956 The Manila Railroad Company finally converted their trains from steam into diesel.
Within the following decade, The Manila Railroad Company was changed its name to Philippine National Railways under Republic Act No. 4156. 4. CHALLENGES The destruction of PNR operation due to typhoon and informal setters of PNR’s right-of-way was rehabilitated and revived by the Philippine government. The total reconstruction of rail bridges and tracks, including replacement of the current 35-kilogram track with newer 50-kilogram tracks and the refurbishing of station. The first phase; involving conversion of all tracks in the Manila metropolitan area was completed in 2009.
On July 14, 2009 PNR encountered its diesel multiple units. The Philippine government tried to understate repairs despite the problems and hindrances. It was truly a big endeavor. The types of rolling stock run on PNR’s lines maintain and increase in having capacity. These are the locomotives, the counter express or convex cars, baggage cars, diesel rail car or DRC, and the newly acquired Manila encountered train, the Korean diesel multiple unites or DMUS 5. The North Main Line (Green Line) and the South.
Main Line (Orange Line) is the two different rail line owned by the Philippine National Railways that server various parts of Luzon. South Main Line (Orange Line) is the only operating line that serves as the regional backbone of Southern Luzon. In the past PNR also used to serve provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan and La Union on the North Main Line, and Batangas on the South Main Line, Presently PNR. Operates in the Manila Metropolitan area and the provinces of Laguna, Luzon, Camarines Sur and Albay. Plans are also afoot to revive previously discontinued services.
Metro Commuter also known as Commuter Express commonly called the Commex, serves as the commuter rail services for the Manila Metropolitan area, extending as far the South as Binan in Laguna. GE Locomotives in used by PNR as well as the procured Hyundai Rotem DMUs, for this service. 6. Presently the new DMUs is currently offered between Tutuban and Alabang in Muntinlupa City, vehicle a daily Commex run between Manila and Binan City, Laguna run using GE Locomotives, Currently, Commex trains make 38 daily trips, 19 in each direction
The Bicol commuter is the commuter rail backbone of the Bicol region. All the operations of PNR in the Bicol Region, Central Luzon, Metro Manila have been successfully operated and continuously existing the calamities and obstacle that hides its good services. PNR has its own virtual monopoly of the long distance land travel and commuting. Aside from it offers a wide-range of services in land travel and commuting, it also employed more than 7,000 personnel in plantilla position.
Despite of the numerous obstacles, such as two world wars , two revolutions, countless typhoons, volcanic eruptions, bureau crated neglect and mismanagement PNR still exists and continuously offering its services for more than 121 years. 7. Through the help of DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas and the feel backing of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, PNR still responds to the needs of the commuters and extends its services to fullest. TODAYS PNR People, goods and trades moving without delay is a sign of progress. It brings profit to both private and public benefits and services and services.
The reason for which the government maintains public transportation is because people need them. Also certainly the reason why people eagerly anticipate the rehabilitation of the PNR infrastructure and trains, especially the Bicol Express. From the time rail tracks were laid in the Manila-Dagupan rail near the end of the Spanish period, to date, without hindrance of the world wars, revolutions, natural disasters, 8. Bureaucratic neglect and mismanagement, the PNR trains would have been running for 121 years.
Responding to the public need has been paramount motivation for PNR’s Board of Direction to set the agency’s long term directions and operations. More important now is that since the repeated attempts to full rehabilitation and motive of power for ongoing worlds at PNR is the support of President Noynoy Aquino himself. The president knows that the people are waiting. He knows how much resources are required towards full rehabilitation. PNR today can only respond in kind by overcoming the odds of its recent history.
All existing resources and rehabilitation works are maximized to fast rash all progress. Before train operators can even think of replacing the trains or railcars themselves, the tracks railroad ties, and bedding or embankment must be strengthened or recondition to carry the weight of new rolling stock. At present, to reinforce tracks and bridges, PNR is replacing the existing wooden ties with prestressed concrete sleepers. Other rehabilitation measures include ballasting tracks, replacement of corroded rails, widening of embankment, and reconstruction of damaged culverts.
PNR is also completing fuming-up measures to improve to bridges and drainage systems. 9. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF PNR The Philippines traveling land trains called PNR Fil track trains travel from Sucat to Manila are less comfortable than before. The reason of the problem is the heavy rains that proved over capital; more passengers used the said transportation. So I’ll tell the advantages and disadvantages in riding the PNR Fil track and its adventure. Here is my story: I ride the train at the Espana station and I see that all the seats are full and occupied.
I stand hold to the safety hand railings and start my journey. First you’ll find it difficult to ride this station but if you do this every day of your life, you’ll see that this station is the best among the rest. This train passes by sta. Mesa where you can see the school of Polytechnic University of the Philippines or PUP. During the vacation, There are few passengers coming in from this station but I don’t know how it goes when the classes starts. After Sta. Mesa station your next destinations are Pandacan, Paco, San Andres, and Vito Cruz stations.
At this stations as you will feel bored and sleepy like you are watching movie the part of that no actions no excitements and no development are happening. But when you reach the Buendia Station, the adventure or the climax begins at this point because this is considered to be the center of business where you can find the establishments, houses, buildings that build the construction workers.
The pleasant and quite comfortable train before become unpleasant and uncomfortable transportation for the people because of different smell and huge numbs of passengers who transport at this train because of this station, you need to move a little bit or put your bag on to your back or shoulders to have a goods space. Sometimes, you’ll see the scene of pushing and pulling because of some Filipinos who are lack of discipline. At this point if you have gadgets like mp3 please plug in before you reach this station and hold very tightly out the waiting and be prepared for the different smell those you will encounter from the passengers coming from their hard work under the sun.
The train passes by Pasay Road Station and the already fully and congested train becomes like a thin of sardines, no spaces and no movements are allowed. Passengers stand shoulder to shoulder are only your head can move. The main event of your travel or the climax in the movie in my observation, I discovered that the men can be more talkative than women at times you’ll have them saying bad words with different Filipino language versions.
The next station are EDSA-Magallanes, Nicholes and FTI stations; the problems in these station are being resolved when you reach the Bicutan station all your sacrifice and difficulties in your travel like muscle pain in your lower and upper limbs will end. When you leave the train and step on the platform/ and breath the fresh air. When you reach your destination, you’ll feel exhausted like a dog, hungry as a horse and a bit messy 11. And sweaty like a little kid.
Despite all these problems and hindrances that I have encountered through my journey I am very grateful to have this transportation with air-conditioned. I’m very proud and thankful to the Government that gives a comfortable train for the people who use this train, let the passenger pay for as long as 15 pesos from Espna to Bicutan I just want to clarify to the people who can read this that this is not a black propaganda against the government. This is just the truth and factual record of my story in the Philippine National Railway.

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