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Published: 2021-06-13 09:40:03
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SECTION 1 You cannot be deprived of your life, liberty or property without any reason on their part and without giving an explanation or right be heard on your part on why you should not be deprive of your life, liberty or property. As regards to equal protection of the laws, it means the law applies to all, we are all protected by it, but we are all subjected to it once we violate its rules. Nobody shall be convicted without going through proper due process.
Before a police officer can arrest or search a person, he must validly first secure a warrant of arrest or search warrant. Without it, any evidence that can be obtained by such shall become inadmissible evidence in court. And to get a warrant of arrest, the judge must personally issue it based on probable cause. Probable cause simply mean that “reasonable grounds to believe that a particular person has committed a crime, especially to justify making a search or preferring a charge.” In short it simply means that a judge could not indiscriminately issued a warrant of arrest or a search warrant without reason. Okay let’s go to some exemptions wherein a police officer would no longer need a warrant of arrest nor a search warrant. For warrant of arrest, a police would no longer need one if you commit the crime in his presence.
Every person has the right to keep his communication or correspondence a secret. His communication with others by phone or by letter is a personal or private matter that nobody should intrude upon. But this right can be lawfully suspended upon order of the court if the safety and security of the people is at stake.
There are four important rights embodied in this section: Freedom of speech; means an individual is free to speak or utter whatever he wants without prior restraint. Right to a Free Press; means an individual is free to write, publish, and circulate whatever he pleases without restraint. Freedom of assembly; refers mainly to a peaceful demonstrations related to public affairs. The right of petition; this is to take up one’s grievances with government without fear of persecution. SECTION 5
This provision is an implement to the doctrine of separation of church and state. However, the members of a religious organization cannot use religious profession as a justification in committing crimes. Thus, a religious sect using human beings as sacrifice for their God is not immune from criminal suit. The right of a man to worship God in his own view is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. SECTION 6
It is basically saying that it is illegal to deny a person the right to travel except when national security, public safety, or public health is at risk.
SECTION 7 People have access to public records such as records of a case in court subject to reasonable rules and regulations, except when it is very clear that the purpose of examination of public record is unlawful, sheer or idle curiosity. It is not the duty of the custodians of the records to concern themselves with the motives, reasons, and objects of the person seeking access to such documents or information.
Unionism is a necessity to place employees or labor sectors to the bargaining levels same as that of their employers in relation to negotiations of terms and conditions of employment. However, while employees in the public sector may form a union, they are not entitled to stage strike to press their demands to improve the terms and conditions of their employment.
Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. There are situations in which the government will need more space for the development of the roads and other areas for the benefit of the greater population. There are some cases that these spaces which are needed by the government are privately owned. Those spaces should be first negotiated between the buyer and the owner. The government shall buy the place depending on their negotiation or agreement.
SECTION 11 If the accused cannot afford to hire a lawyer to defend his case, the government shall provide one for him. He shall be assisted and represented by a public prosecutor and a counsel from the Public Attorney’s Office, respectively.

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