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N the midst of the escalating disasters, Am©rica gives birth to Socorro, a daughter, whom she suspects might be blind. But the couple has no money to see the doctor. Delaney stalks C¤ndido back to their shack. He carries a gun, but doesn’t intend to kill C¤ndido with it. Meanwhile, America tells C¤ndido about the night when she was raped, as she suspects that the baby’s blindness was caused by venereal disease transmitted by the rapist.
Just as she is telling him this, Delaney finds their shack and s about to confront C¤ndido about the forest fire, when the shack is knocked over in a landslide. C¤ndido and Am©rica manage to save themselves, but Socorro drowns in a river. The book ends with C¤ndido helping Delaney out of the river. Time and again in the novel, however, it is hinted at that the real perpetrators can be found inside rather than outside the projected wall: well-to-do people insensitive to the plight of the have-nots.
After the accident, C¤ndido’s problems deepen. At first he can’t work fter being injured by the car crash and when he does not find a temporary Job at a local work exchange anymore, he unavailingly tries to find one in the city, hoping to save money for an apartment in the North despite the low wages offered.
With Am©rica, his wife, pregnant, his shame at not being able to get a Job and procure a home and food for his family increases, especially when Am©rica decides to find some illegal”and possibly dangerous”work herself. At one point in the novel, after C¤ndido is robbed by some Mexicans in the city, they are forced to go through the trash cans behind a fast-food restaurant so as not to starve. The Mossbachers, Delaney’s family, are also having problems of their own, though of an altogether different nature.
Comfortably settled in their new home, in a gated community, they are faced with the cruelty of nature when one of their two pet dogs is killed by a coyote. In addition, the majority of inhabitants of their exclusive estate feel increasingly disturbed and threatened by the presence of”as they see it” otentially criminal, illegal immigrants and vote for a wall to be built around the whole estate.
C¤ndido has a stroke of luck when he is given a free turkey at a grocery store by another customer, who has Just received it through the store’s Thanksgiving promotion. When C¤ndido starts roasting the bird back in their shelter, he inadvertently causes a fire which spreads so quickly that even the gated community the Mossbachers live in has to be evacuated. By “http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/ The Tortilla Curtain” peter By petervroom

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