Pest and Swot Analysis for Expansion of Services to Spain

Published: 2021-08-28 00:15:08
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We take great pleasure in introducing our grandeur-catering establishment. d’Tandoor catering Management provides very personalized services to suit any type of function. Our menu includes authentic culinary creations from various parts of India, Pakistan, Malaysia and other house specialities. We cater Malaysian dishes, nyonya food, Cakes, mouth-watering desserts and also theme functions. Elegant All-India decorations are utilized to enhance the beauty of the food presentation. Spicing the excitement, some of the dishes are prepared on the spot, hence ensuring the freshness of the food served.
With the uniquity of our services follows servicing of food in traditional copper utensils like Copper Degchi and Pots. Splicing further enhancement in d’Tandoor catering services, our division also provides its very own Malaysian Hawker Style Concept. The Chefs and Servers, experiences and well-trained, are aware of the finer points of d’Tandoor services by maintaining a high quality efficiency. Our services also include manning its own bar and other amenities with excellent and detailed perception.

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