Personnel Administration

Published: 2021-09-30 11:20:08
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Apart from the above mentioned norm of the Personnel Administration,other responsibility must be considered such as personnel motivation. This is because,personnel motivation can guarantee the efficiency and productivity of the organization. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 69,6. 0).
However,it is depend on how their done it,meaning to say,how and what types or method their use to make their staff motivated. For example,either by giving their staff bonuses in addition of salary or promote the individual that has contribute many to their department or organization. (Chua Kim Hing,lecture).Based on my understanding and fact,there is no difference between the public personnel administration and private personnel administration,except the responsibility of the public sector is far wide and difficult in nature because of its large size. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 69,6. 1 & Chua Kim Hing,lecture).
In Malaysia,the public service department(PSD) undertakes the main function of the personnel administration. Public Service Department responsible in emulating certain policies with concern to personnel and its personnel administration from recruitment until retirement level. Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 69,6. 1). In addition,human resource is important as other form of technologies and it must not be neglected. The organization productivity remains the sole ability of the human resources.
If the workers are served well, such as considerable wages,sufficient rest time,provision of medical benefits and others, as well as their welfare are taken care. Hence,the workers will be pleased to work efficiently,effectively and productively. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 69,6. 1).The first function of Personnel Administration is to recruit suitable personnel according to the job specification of the organization. Personnel utilisation must be carefully planned as per organization requirement.
The total personnel employed mus not be less or more than required in order to avoid extra expenses. On the other hand,if the total personnel employed are less than required,organization may encounter difficulties in implementing certain programmes in the specified time frame. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 0. 6. 1) Secondly,Personnel Administration also needed when to prepare suitable regulations as well as terms and conditions of employment according to the organization requirement without oppression. Oppresion here mean discrimination.
The stipulated terms and regulations should be acceptable to employees and encourage good working condition. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 70,6. 1) Lastly,the function is to establish a suitable and reasonable remuneration system as per employment status in the organization.The salary or wages given should be equable to the job function of the employee. Means,there are specific amount of wages to pay for certain post,yhe higher your position in the organization,the more wages you will get. Overpaid salary can overburden the organization.
On the other hand,under paid salary may lead to employees dissatisfaction and it can cause productive. (Amnah Mohd Yaacob,Pg. 70,6. 1) All in all,the above are the main functions of the Personnel Administration and these functions may be the basic in elevating furthers the prestige of the organization.

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