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Published: 2021-09-11 04:25:12
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At what point do you stop when you have achieved successfulness? This is a million dollar question that has pondered through the minds of humans for ages. Success is perceived differently in every individual. But what opinion is correct? What is the perfect formula for a successful life? Does success consist of the amount of money you earn or power or is success based on happiness? To achieve ultimate success, is contentment vital? These are the questions that make the word “success” so subjective.
What is the correct definition of success? In the dictionary it states that it is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Depending on your personal purpose in life, success is achieved at different levels. Everyone has a different purpose in life that they would like to achieve. Thus, who determines what success means is based on their goals in life. Money or popularity may be someone’s purpose so they would define that as success. On the contrary, does living your life everyday with no regrets or not worrying about money make you a successful person? When do we know when to stop when success is finally achieved?
Do you stop working for success when you have all the money in the world or do you stop when you are comfortable with your lifestyle? Particular people believe success is when you are content with the life you live, not worrying about money or the everyday struggles of life. Others may conclude success is based on your income or how nice of an automobile you drive. It depends what you view as a satisfied lifestyle. Unfortunately our society revolves and relies on money. Though that sounds contradicting, money plays a great role in everyone’s lives. In order to support a family and own a house, currency is vital.
We live in a society where money controls all. Without a decent job and a steady income, happiness seems so distant in the modern American life. We believe getting an education and earning a salary will bring happiness and joy. I am not saying money is the key to success but it’s a foundation in our modern society. My father is a great example of how success is viewed differently in each person. He was a man who never went to college but was determine to be successful. He worked hard since he was in high school and now works for Boat and Motors Superstore where he manages his own boat parts department.
My father loves working with boats and loves his family. If you were to ask him, his life has been successful. My father measures success with how much joy is brought to his life on a regular basis. A secure job and a loving family fulfill his goal which ultimately makes him a successful person in his eyes. He does not focus on whether he has a higher income than others, my father’s man concern is security and happiness of himself and his family which is a quality that I cherish as well. The way I interpret success may be unique but I believe joyfulness will be present.
My perspective of being successful resembles my father’s goals in life. I may not be wealthy or famous by any means but if I can maintain a stable job and a healthy family I would consider myself the most successful person in the world. Since the word success is more of an opinion based definition, the only way to measure success is if you are happy with the purpose you set in life that you would love to achieve. In other words, if you are happy with the person and life that is bestowed upon you today, then you have found success. What is success is a question from the past and will continue to be the question of the future.
I believe there will never be one accepted answer. If that answer is ever found, please feel free to inform me. But when looking back on your life that you lived, ask yourself if you were happy. If you were, I honestly believe you will feel successful. I think success does not always mean happiness, but happiness always means success. I may be erroneous towards the classification of the word success, but an opinion is neither right nor wrong. I hope one day we can call ourselves successful and find out if happiness trails along with it.

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