Perception of Filipino Teenagers on Pre-marital sex

Published: 2021-07-01 08:30:07
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A personality of an individual gives him color. Human personality is the particular combination of emotional attitudinal and behavioral response of an individual. Human behavior refers to the range of behaviors exhibited by humans that are influenced by attitudes and emotions. Attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place or thing. A main factor that determines attitudes is like and dislikes, when one person likes one person he/she shows care and love to them.
Attitudes can sculpt personalities and the way people view who we are. People with similar attitudes tend to stick together as interests and hobbies are common. This does not mean that people with attitudes do not interact, because they do. What it means is that specific attitudes can bring people together. Attitudes have a lot to do with the mind which highly relates to Human behavior.
Teenagers today are going through an era of diverse changes affecting their social needs, perceptions and obligations that need to be recognized Teenagers, nowadays gets into an early relationship because of what they feel, they fall in love easily because of their emotions which leads to not into good results, out of curiosity they tend to have sexual intercourse even though they are not married (Pre-marital sex) they do this because they feel that they are old enough to do it, lack of understanding the consequences of sex at an early age and they want to show love to their partner
Pre-marital sex is common to those countries that have numerous population including Philippines. Pre-marital sex almost takes place everywhere, especially in places where social interaction happens every day. Wikipedia explains that premarital sex is when two people are having sexual intercourse prior to marrying each other. One of the places where Pre-marital sex happens is where there are no sufficient learning of sex education and family planning. 1 in 3 Filipino youth aged 15-24 has engaged into premarital sex (Tricia Aquino, InterAksyon) she noted also a narrowing gap in the number of males and females who have engaged in pre-marital sex: 35. 5 percent of males and 28. 7 percent of females in 2013, from 26. 1 percent of males and 10. 2 percent of females in 1994.
Therefore, the purpose of this study is to prevent teenagers from premarital sex. They should think more of the outdoor activates that they can choose to do. Parents and adults should keep a watchful eye on their teen sons and daughters. They should guide them and make them aware of the consequences and regrets they will generate once they engage on this unnecessary activity of lust

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