Pediatric Reflections Paper

Published: 2021-09-16 04:20:10
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Pediatric Reflections Paper Prior to beginning the pediatric clinical rotation at the Bethany Children’s Center, I was very certain that I would not like it and nothing could change my mind. I felt like it would be too sad to see the children in their various conditions and read the stories of how they were placed in the children’s center. I also feared actually performing nursing skills on pediatric patients. I believed that it would be nearly impossible to catheterize a child; after all, we barely get adults.I felt relieved that we were not placing IVs and passing medication, but I also knew that the day would drag on forever because of so much observation time. The very first day of clinical I was so apprehensive and a little scared.
I was walking into a closed unit, which worried me, and on top of that, I knew nothing about the environment and what exactly I should do since we were mostly observation. There were millions of questions running through my head. What would I do for an entire shift of no documentation, medication pass, or real hands on skills?What type of nurses would I encounter? Was he/she nice? The last thing I wanted to do was seem lazy and uninterested. After my first day in unit three, I was so sad to see how many children were in DHS custody and had no family visitation. I also felt saddened by the tracheostomies and struggle for certain children to breathe. These little children were using every muscle in their body just to take their next breath and it broke my heart. I attempted a straight catheterization, assisted a nurse in a sterile catheterization, and assisted with all twelve patients.
By post-conference, I was still unsure if I loved the rotation, but I knew that it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be and I didn’t hate it. When we returned to the Children’s Center, I was placed in unit eleven and very excited. The infant and toddler room seemed very active and I knew we would have a very busy and interesting day if nothing else. In unit eleven there weren’t many skills and none of the children need catheterization but it was my favorite unit of the two I was placed in. The children were more alert and like the typical two to five year old kids.It was similar to a daycare center. Some children could walk and talk and actually attended Bethany schools.
I learned a lot from this rotation. The biggest thing I learned is that the first rule of pediatric nursing is that there is no typical day. Your patients are so diverse they can have any number of conditions or complications to existing conditions. The staff at the center was all very awesome and encouraging. They all loved doing their job and no one seemed like they were there just for a paycheck.The nurses had a very high respect for their nurse assistants and nurse techs. A lot of the nurses were new and still training but loved what they were doing.
The Children’s Center seems to have the type of atmosphere that attracts and keeps good staff. One of my nurses said she has been employed there for over 13 years. This is definitely a place I would love to work and I actually plan to apply for a nurse tech position until I complete the practical nursing program here at Mid-Del.I was absolutely amazed at how dedicated the staff is to adhering to the physical and occupational therapy schedule and creating the bond some of them have with the children. I didn’t find anything I disliked about the center, although I’m sure there are some things, as nothing is perfect, but I loved being in an environment that was so positive and where the main focus was helping the patients have a life as close to normalcy as possible.Before this rotation I was not sure what type of nursing I wanted to pursue, but I knew what I didn’t want to do and that was pediatric nursing. Now I find myself drawn to this field and this place in particular because it is not often you find a place of employment where the entire staff is happy to be at work and everyone loves their job and wants to do it to the best of their ability.
I would be foolish not to seek employment at Bethany Children’s Center and be a part of something so great.

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