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Published: 2021-07-25 16:35:05
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Professor Roach English 1A 11 March 2013 My Peaceful Second Home: The Diamond Why does every person need a place of comfort and peace? So they can relax and enjoy the quality of life. My special place is the baseball field. The baseball diamond is my peaceful place for countless reasons. Like Gary Kamiya said in the story, Life, Death and Spring. “Its good to have a place where you can go to watch the world get old and young, live and die. ” Mine is the baseball field. The field is covered with tan dirt, fine cut green grass.
The game’s season is in spring because of the perfect weather. It’s the most relaxing but also most intense sport at the same time, which makes it such a great sport. It requires patience and persistence. I think it’s one of my peaceful places because of the combination of the being outside in the fresh air and the game itself. The sound of the bat connecting with the baseball is one of my favorite sounds of baseball. Especially when you hit the “sweet spot” of the bat where the ball jumps off the bat perfectly and travels far.
Also the soft thud sound when catching a baseball, and my teammates cheering me on while I’m up to bat. The music in between innings, and the walk up songs create a good vibe. The fans going wild when a good play is made is something I enjoy as well. Farley 2 Feeling on the seams of the baseball when I throw it, and my black leather glove are some other things that I like about the sport.
The feeling of butterflies and the thrill in tight situations where you have to clutch up are more reasons. I call this peace because I look forward to this sport and t relieves me from stress. Even though baseball can be stressful in tough situations, It gives you a good feeling when you preform well under pressure. There are many things and examples a baseball player can explain to you why they love the game. “It’s my place of peace and a place I cherish,” like Gary said in Life, Death and Spring. The game is 90% mental and 10% physical which makes the game unique. Like the ranch for Gary Kamiya, the baseball field is a place during spring where I enjoy staying because it provides me with peace.

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