Partition of Bengal

Published: 2021-08-03 23:00:06
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PartitionofBengalPartitiobengal of bengol 1903: -bengal was the hot bed for revolutionary activity -bengal united its power,divied will pull in different ways 1904: -L. Curzor took surway of bengal. NEED FOR PARTITION / UNOFFICAIL REASON -curb the uprising of the rising power of bengal -muslim would welcome this action -divide the unity of muslim and hindu Oficial reason -it was to big province ( consited of bihar, orisa and bengal)mention population with area of bengal -it was administratively starved ( it had less police stations,unversities were at far distance)and it had only one viceroy for its adminstration. 16th oct 1905 -anti partition act wana bhana day -raksbandhan dat -black day (sad day) -morning day PROGRAMMES –
Protest meeting -songs of rabindranath tagore(amar sona bangla) – slogans by bankim chandra chaterji ( vande mataram ) -picketing of shops(curfew) — 4point programe a. swadeshi and boycott b. national education c. massmovement d. swaraj LEADERS IN SUPPORT OF ANTI PARTION MOVEMENT -Bal gangadher tilak(maharastra) -SURENDRA NATH BANNERJI -Lala lajpat Rai(Punjab) Programes of swadeshi and boycott -bengolies felt very humiliated, cheated and insulted -meaning of ->Boycott -social boycott of people who sold or buy british goods. -boycott of suger, salt and cloth renunciation of gov. posts -renunciation of english speaches (not speaking english) ->swadeshi – meaning -promote indian industries(how? ) entusiasm Tata steel and iron started Textil mills got set up Soap and match factories got setup p. c. ray bengal chemical industries got started steam ships project banks and co-operatives set up what did the people do to make s & b success a. All class of people joined b. British goods were burnt c. Students refused to use paper d. Women participeted in picketing shops(stop selling of british goods) e. Dawn society set up f. Zamindars stoped marvadies from buying goods from manchester g.
Priests did not accept any goods from british h. Boycott ceremonies( ceremonies which requires british goods were banned British represive policies 1. Lathi charge 2. arrested 3. baned meeting and slogans 4. deported leaders(sent to far of prisons like kala pani in nicobar) 5. stopped grant-in-aid to schoold andcolleges(british stopped giving finential aid to gov. schools and colleges\ IMPACT OF PARTITION OF BENGAL 1)Muslims turned violent & burnt hindu shops 2)Growth of extremism & terrorism 3)cult of bomb(started using bombs as to prove them self superior then hindus) 4)all india character (leaders,women,children all participated)
Impact of Swadeshi and boycott movement 1)Vigour (force) to nationalism and patriotism 2)urge to set up national education eg ,shantiniketan 3)increase in literary and culture activities 4)impetus\stimulus( growth) of indigeneous industries (like tata,pcray chemical industries) 5)split in congress in 1907 at surat Reasons a)over the question of methods(S & b) -moderates wanted swadeshi and boycott movement to be confined only in bangal\ – extremist wanted to partice through out the country b)over presidentship of the congress -moderates wanted Rosh Behari Bose -extremist wanted Lala Lajpat Rai

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