Parenting Skills 1.08 review/critical thinking

Published: 2021-07-04 10:35:05
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What are the differences between being a biological parent, an adoptive parent, and a foster parent? – Being a biological parent means to create (or, as stated in the text, “beget”) an offspring. Meanwhile, to be an adoptive parent is to adopt a child and assume all responsibilities corresponding with it, despite it not being the adoptive parent’s child. Foster parents are similar to adoptive parents, but assume responsibility for the child temporarily. What financial needs are parents obligated to provide and which are optional?
-It is obligatory for parents to provide their children with nutrition, shelter, clothes, and health care. Luxuries like postsecondary school, toys, and electronics are optional. What other needs might a child have that a parent is expected to provide? -A child may have safety, emotional, educational, and disciplinary needs that are expected to be fulfilled by the parents. What are the qualities of a nurturing parent? -The qualities of a nurturing parent are self-respect, empathy, reasonable discipline, and understanding. Critical Thinking Questions
What qualities make a person a good parent? A bad parent? -A good parent is nurturing, understanding, and willing to make an effort to be on good terms with their child and help their child reach their full potential. A bad parent, contrastingly, is one who brings a child into their life for personal gain, who does not allow a child to voice its opinions or concerns, and does not know how to determine a proper punishment for the mistakes a child is bound to make. Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the most challenging? Why?
-I believe the most challenging responsibility to take on as a parent would be to discipline a child. We are all different people with different mindsets, parents and children alike, and determining how harshly to reprimand a child (especially a small one) for its faults is very difficult because there is no surefire way to know whether or not the mistake was intentional or if the child even knew what it was doing. Parents are not mind readers and children do not know right from wrong right off the bat, so it is hard to find a proper and just form of disciplining.
Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the most interesting to you? Why? -Personally, I am most interested in the parental responsibility of providing for emotional needs. I understand that every human being has an entire universe of thoughts, doubts, and wants in their minds and children are no different. I love interacting with people and learning the different perspectives of the world I can gain from doing so, and I aspire to always make a positive effort to learn as much from my child as they will from me.
What are some things that people can do to prepare for parenthood? -Some things people can do to prepare for parenthood are to reflect on their lives, think about what sacrifices they are willing to make, and make sure those sacrifices correspond with the wants and needs of their child. People can also talk to their own parents or other people who have played parental roles for advice and tips on how to handle such a monumental step in their lives.

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