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Published: 2021-07-01 10:35:06
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What is a family? What is family composition? A family is a bunch of people that are either related, live together, or affectionate towards each other. Family composition is about the people in the family, having to do with their ages, number of people, and relationships towards each other. 2. What is cultural bias? What is an example of this? Cultural bias is what you have when you are judging someone else’s culture because of the standards of your own. For example, saying that certain religious groups and their forms of conduct are weird because they are different from our own.
What are stereotypes? How are they different from prejudice? Stereotypes are quick to the point assumptions about someone mainly because of what they look like. They are different from prejudice because prejudices are assumptions that are made before getting to actually know someone. 4. What is the difference between a nuclear family and an extended family? A nuclear family is a traditional family. An extended family is a family of multiple generations whom all live together. Critical Thinking Questions 1. How can families assimilate to a new culture?
Families can assimilate to a new culture by starting to accept the other culture’s ideas and beliefs. 2. What are some of the problems with stereotypes or cultural bias when looking at families? Some of the problems with this are that you are basically judging people that you don’t actually know. You are making up ideas about them based on how they look, and this means that you could be missing out on getting to know some wonderful people. 3. Adversity affects today’s family, just as Black Death affected families from earlier times.
What kinds of adverse challenges do today’s families face and how can they manage the situations? Families today face a number of adversities. For example, they may have very little money. They now have to work more to provide for the entire family. 4. Why are families diverse in composition? How are family lifestyles of today different than the past? Families are more diverse in composition now because there aren’t as many nuclear or traditional families. There are so many different living arrangements nowadays which can include many people from many backgrounds living together.

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