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Published: 2021-06-19 00:05:04
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Compulsory PDHPE lessons that focus on the short and long term effects of smoking on the body. Healthy Harold vans which visit primary schools to educate young children about the effects of smoking. Education through school’s pastoral care programs on how to not be peer pressured by friends to smoke at parties. Information in magazines such as ‘Woman’s Days’ and men’s health about the impact smoking can have on the body. Information in newsletters and university, magazines on the effects of smoking.
Knowing how and where to access reputable information relating to smoking, for example, internet site such as the Australian drug foundation or local community health centres. Creating posters, postcards, coasters, stickers and wallet cards to educate people on the dangers smoking can do to the body. Creating Supportive Environments: Workplaces and public areas providing no smoking areas Companies providing counselling services for employees who are directly or indirectly affected by smoking. Parents making sure their children’s gatherings and parties are smoking free.
Parents modelling responsible behaviour by not smoking in front of their children. Advertisements to ensure people do not smoke in public areas. Strengthening Community Action: Supporting addiction towards smoking. Providing support groups for families who have lost loved ones due to smoking. Having limited areas where people can smoke to encourage people not to smoke Offering support groups for victims of addictions, and the side effects of smoking. Communities providing statistics to support the submission for alcohol reforms to the local government in their area. Building healthy Public Policy:
Laws on smoking around public areas/children. Laws defining the minimum age for purchasing cigarettes. Local council laws on smoking free zones. Advertisements of the effects of smoking on the cigarette packets Increasing taxes on cigarettes Penalties for purchasing cigarettes under the age of 16 Reorienting health services: Increased funding for health promotion to target smoking Victims to talk to children about loved ones who have got addicted to smoking and passed from lung cancer Seminars run by health services to educate children mainly No smoking zones at places like festivals, and given fines if done.

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