Osi vs Tcp/Ip

Published: 2021-08-29 04:20:05
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UDP and TCP defined by TCP/IP Transport Layer correspond to many of the requirements of the OSI Transport Layer. There are some issues over for requirements in the session layer of OSI since sequence numbers and port values can help the Operating System to keep track of active sessions. Most of the TCP and UDP functions and specifications map to the OSI Transport Layer. The TCP/IP and OSI architecture models both employ all connection and connectionless models at transport layer. The internet architecture refers to the two models in TCP/IP as simply “Connections” and “Datagrams”.
The OSI model uses the terms “Connection-mode” and “Connection-oriented” for the connection model and the term “Connectionless-mode” for the connectionless model. TCP/IP Internet layer VS OSI Network layer The Internet layer of the TCP/IP model is compared to the Network layer of the OSI model. Both models support “Connectionless” network services, but only the Network layer supports connected-oriented services. The OSI layer is a “catch-all” for all protocols that assist in network functionality, where the “Internet” layer of the TCP/IP model assist in internetworking using Internet Protocol.
TCP/IP Link layer VS OSI Data Link and Physical layer The Link Layer of the TCP/IP model is often compared directly with the Data link layer and the Physical layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) protocol stack. The Link Layer in TCP/IP is still wider in scope and it holds a different concept. This can be observed by certain protocols, such as the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), which is confined to the Link Layer in the TCP/IP model, which fist between OSI model Data Link Layer and the Network Layer. Majority of the time, the lower layers below the Interface or Network layer of the TCP/IP model are rarely discussed.

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