Oral Exams vs Written Exams

Published: 2021-07-21 13:00:08
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Ulyana Oral examination VS Written examination. Nowadays we have different ways of investigation of student’s knowledge: two of them are oral and written examinations. Both they have advantages and disadvantages and differ at all, but what is the best form of checking student’s ability, knowledge and skills? As it was mentioned before oral and written examinations have much bigger differences then common features.
At first glance the written examination seems to be easier for student – you have more time for preparing, rallying your thoughts, you have the chance of cheating and copying the information from the textbook – that’s all advantage. From the other hand it is very difficult to put in words your thoughts when the time is limited. If you didn’t learn some theme and you happened to take the examination card with this question, it would be impossible to trick your teacher by using many words for describing what you didn’t know.
Sometimes the opposite thing happens – you know the term but having forgotten its bookish definition, you try to write it with your own words, but eventually your answer is not considered as the right one. As concerns the oral examination you have no time for preparation at the best two – three minutes for collecting your thoughts and planning your speech. You are not able of cheating. An oral examination is a lively conversation between a teacher and a student; it is more stressful then a written exam. Often confusion grasps the student and he stumbles through the answer in the hope that soon it will be the end of his suffering.
The main rule here is to be confident, speak clearly and a lot, even if you don’t know. The greatest advantage of the oral examination is to check thoroughly student’s knowledge by asking extra questions. To sum up oral and written examinations are good in their own way. My point of view that the oral examination is better and more objective, as it can touch the question wider and for me it is easier to speak then to write; meanwhile the written examination is more suitable for subjects as Mathematics or Physics, in addition some students prefer to express their thoughts in written form, as it is less stressful and exciting.

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