Only Daughter

Published: 2021-09-13 11:25:09
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“Cultural and Identity”& “Gender Studies” the author explains her family traditions and at the same time tries to find were she belongs in the picture. What is it about: This story talks about a Mexican family of nine and out of the nine there are seven kids, six boys and one girl! Only daughter is a biography of the author and her role in an American Mexican family. She starts off by stating how her writing career first takes off. Being the only girl she was forced to spend a lot of time alone which allowed her to discover a passion for reading and writing. Her relationship with her father is included throughout the story.
Having a daughter in her father’s eyes meant that destiny would lead her to a husband. When she shared her plans for college he felt as that was a good place to start looking for a husband. In his eyes he viewed women as any man would, which was that they were beneath men. The typical role a woman would play in a Mexican family would be the wife and a mother and do the chores around the house but the author wanted more than that. Her father never showed interest in her writing growing up and she often felt abandoned. All she ever wanted from him was his approval and most of her writing has been for him.
When talking about his family he would always say he has seven sons putting her in the wrong category which almost made her identity invisible. Towards the end the author talks about how her success began to pick up and how she had one of her book translated in Spanish and given to her father to read. She explains how seeing her father read on of her stories for the first time was one of the happiest moments in her life. At that moment she felt accepted for the first time. Author’s Purpose: To give a brief inside look of her family and role as the only daughter to a Mexican family of nine. What you learned : while reading this I’ve

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