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Published: 2021-10-09 17:50:13
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My one day diary and its explanation Date: 18th June, 2008 The content I’m feeling uneasy due to stomachache today. It may have happened due to cheap dry food in my lunch. In these days, my learning pace and study habit is decreasing, which have made me worried. Yesterday many of my friends proposed me to go to night dance bar and restaurant for new experience. Although my friends accused me saving money was my motto, I did not accept their proposal. Explanation of my diary events I begin my writing with my physical illness. My stomachache and uneasy feelings reminded me the western philosophy of mind and self.
According to Thompson (2006), Plato describes the self by way of analogy with a city. Just comparing with city, he postulated, the self has three parts; the physical body with its appetites, which animates and drives it, and the thinking mind that rules it. He sees the ideal human life is as integrating its three distinct elements in a hierarchy. According to Thompson(2006), Aristotle sees the self as that which gives form and purpose to the physical body . The uneasy feeling is due to the interaction of mind with the physical body. My concerns towards my physical illness reminded me self care theory.
The theory is about the personal health maintenance. It is any activity of an individual, family or community, with intention of improving or restoring health, or treating or preventing disease. Self-care includes all health decisions people (as individuals or consumers) make for themselves and their families to get and stay physically and mentally fit (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/health). In this diary, I have shown eagerness about my physical illness. As I’m the leader of my family, I should be caring about the health situation of family members, but my own interest or my own problem of physical body is being the most important for me.
That is, it is being the first issue of my health problem in my daily lives. This situation relates to Orem’s self-care theory. As Orem(1991) believes that an individual or client is a biological, psychological being with the potential for self-care, meaning a capacity or willingness to provide care for themselves towards the maintenance of life, health and well being. They may or may not be dependent on others. The notes of diary cover the essential happening and its importance in everyday life. Personal heath situation is y first priority in my daily lives that relates with the vision of Goel and Goel (2005), which emphasis that to make dream happens is to pay attention to individual’s real needs. 1    This document was prepared by BALAKRISHNA CHAPAGAIN There is close relationship between health and self-care behavior. If each individual is responsible for his own life, then the concept of health may be as a human resource enabling a person to fulfill ambitions and goals in life (Orem,1971). The ideology has influenced my attitudes as I prioritized my health issues in the first hierarchy.
I remembered the eastern and western culture and found contradictory when compare with my individual behavior. More individualistic themes tend to be found in western culture but more collectivist themes in eastern culture (Friedman and Schusreack, 2003). Individualists emphasize autonomy and independence where as collectivists emphasize on interdependent and group focused. But for me, I was influenced by western culture, that emphasizes in individualism. In these lines, I was not thinking about my family member’s health conditions. I believe on Hinduism and I am a follower of Hindu religion.
The characteristic that focuses self at first and the family members at second priority may be influenced by Hindu ethics. As Karad (2001) in Dyaneshwara, A mantra for new millennium states that Hinduism teaches us about one’s duty towards oneself, family and society. It advocates pious way of living one’s life with purity of mind with as sense of full devotion to God, which will ultimately lead to salvation/liberation- Moksha. It means, being a fellow of Hinduism, there I found that I was influenced by this Hindu ethics and was caring first to myself and my family members after then.
This indicates that cosmos of my beliefs and my personal behavior are as shadow of Hinduism or it could be the nature of human being as Nodding (1995) states that a man is responsible for himself, it does not mean that he is responsible for his own individuality, but that he is responsible for all men. The behavior is also explained by existentialism. Existentialism’s first move is to make everyman aware of what he is and to make the full responsibility of his existence rest on him (Nodding, 1995). My behavior mentioned in the diary is reflected in existentialism. The behavior is also reflected by consequentialism.
Gensler (1998) emphasis that consequentialism is the general view that we ought to do whatever has the best consequences for: a) Ourselves (egoism) b) Our group (Family and society members) c) All humans and d) All sentient beings (Utilitarianism) I’m guessing the causes of my physical illness due to the effect of cheap food that I used that day. Taking cheap dry food was intended to save money by reducing the costs of daily food habit. My motives for 2    This document was prepared by BALAKRISHNA CHAPAGAIN taking cheap food may be the ultimate desire of saving money.
For me only one and single way of increase in income is to reduce the expenses in daily need materials. The amount of income will be supportive for my household expenditures and it will contribute in higher education of my sons. These individual characteristics have reminded me the life cycle theory of consumption and savings according to which the marginal and average propensities to save grow as income rises. On the other hand, the life-cycle theory maintains that the level of savings depends on the age of consumers, and hence on the demographic structure of society rather than on the level of family income.
The interests of kids and the adlutts may be entirely different. Gensler (1998) argues that each person has a unique and special potentialities that may or may not be fulfilled is alien to pre modern culure. Body awareness also includes awareness of requirement of exercises and diet (Giddens,1996). My saving interest by experiencing difficulties in present day to day life is certainlty influenced by modern culture with conflicting argues. I’m worried about my health situation but the expenses in my diety food is getting low priority.
It is reflected in Giddens’s(1996) view as: overall lifestyle patterns, of course are less diverse than the plurality of choice available in day to day and even in longer term strategic decisions. The intention of less expenses reminded me the concepts of utilitiranism. I desired to save money by less expenses, so that it would be used to fulfill the needs of my family members. Happiness of my family members became my priority. For utilitarians, happiness is the greatest and most obvious human good, and an ethic should guide us toward producting as much happiness as possible (Noddings,1995). Classical utilitirans concerns are increasing the atio of happiness over pain. Hence my sickness about stomacheache is bearable for me over the future happiness of my family members. Here my general sense says that there is happiness when people are at least able to fulfill their present needs. The physical needs are the basis for generating happiness. Utilitarians see happiness as something distinctly human. According to Noddings (1995), happiness could require of some people acts that others might regard as mere sacrifice. It means people become happy when they find others work for their satisfaction. Thus my disguised intention to save money carries the concepts of utilitarianism.
My second idea embedded in that dairy is related to theory of life long learning. The pace and styles of learning may be different for individual to individual but the tendency of learning is applied to every individual. Hurlock(1976) indicates that one of the factors for learning to happen depends upon the personality pattern. According to her, the personality pattern is composed of traits, or specific qualities of behavior, which characterize the individual’s unique adjustment to life in behavior and thoughts. A person as individual is different from every person.
Personal interest and habits are formed due to surrounding environment, ancestors’ influence, traditional culture and personal character. For me, as my profession relates to educational environment, I must involve in learning activities. The existential theme in Socrates, 3    This document was prepared by BALAKRISHNA CHAPAGAIN stated in N. Noddings(1995) ‘how should we live our lives’ is reflected in my feelings of the particular day . The trends toward an overt concern with educational standards, and attendant measures designed to address “such worries”, cannot and should not be viewed in isolation from the boarder picture.
If I am not able to satisfy my consumers in the field of knowledge economy, they will reject me in terms of my services, eventually imposes me for development of learning attitude. Learning events would be possible through continuous learning behavior through training events. But Jarvis, Holford and Griffin (P. 4, 1998) say: Of course, training, as a concept, carried a much lower status than education, and so the word ‘training’ has been gently buried- terms like ‘human resource development’ have emerged and learning is placed at the center of the process.
There has been a deliberate attempt to focus on learning rather than on providers or processes. It reveals that the learning events depend upon the interest and motives of the individual as well as the environment around. They emphasize that the process of learning has generally been understood to be the process through which individuals go in acquiring their knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, beliefs, emotions and senses. Either learning has been regarded as the process of transforming these experiences into human attributes, or – as behaviorists have suggested – learning is seen as the behavior exhibited because of learning.
From these concepts, I found the following ideas from my diary. • • Consciousness about daily routine work in the sense of learning. Eagerness of learning and change My consciousness about daily routine work in the sense of learning shows that I’m serious to my job nature. This is a nature of adult learning. Theory of adult learning states that, adults are motivated to learn because of their job nature. At the same time, I’m not deeply involved in reading and learning activities and I am worried about my slow pace of learning as compared to my own expectation. There may be different reason behind it.

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