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Published: 2021-08-12 15:20:05
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It is the actual realization of all the accounting principles, financial theories and managerial techniques we gained. OJT give us the opportunity to develop and enhance our skills and abilities in relation with our chosen field. It allows us to practice our profession and definitely train us on how to become effective and efficient professionals. It improves our personality by adopting professional traits and qualities. Through this activity, students would gain and improve their interpersonal relationship.
They would know how to get along with different personalities and gain adequate and valuable experiences necessary for their future employment. Pre-working experience is an added advantage on our part as graduating students for it gives us the opportunity to be exposed and used the essential learning and abilities we have. As a whole this training make us possible enhance and absolutely further develop our total aspect—- the physical, mental, emotional, social and our interpersonal means. There are many basic factors and considerations that we have to consider for OJT.
We need to be careful enough in planning and choosing what kind of business establishment can train and mold us to what we want to be. We have to be certain that it can meet and give us valuable working experience and motivate us to perform our work better. As a business oriented student I have to think of a certain company to where I can Practice my managerial and financial faculties. I was assigned to the Hopewell Finance Corporation, Sister Company of F. Gurrea Without any hesitation I Together with Rachell Ann Aninang accepted the offer.
We definitely sure that working on that sort of entity will positively develop our skills and abilities. So, I started comply all the necessary requirements just to start our training. We started our practicum Last April 8, 2013. Early that day, we went to their Company and ma’am Rhoda Lopez oriented to us about their company and the rules and regulations. Rachel and I assigned at Hopewell Finance Corporation. Our work in the office dealt more on the recording, organizing and hands on the computer. We were also assigned to encode necessary data in the computer and finally filed and arranged their records.
My one and half month or my 240 hours in the office was my learning stage. I learned valuable information that I didn’t expect to learn. I discovered that focussing only on the theory w/o subsequent realization would only be trivial. I was able to determine the big difference between written information we have in school to its actual application. My practicum had given me enough knowledge and experience. It was such a great realization of my field. I was given the opportunity to acquire practical office experience and at the same time develop closely professionalism. I realized how difficult and challenging my life would be after graduation.
My work in the office needs ample of knowledge, interest, common sense, dedication, discipline and motivation to be able to withstand and endure the test. I have to exert effort to learn valuable experiences. During my OJT I significantly develop self-confidence, determined my strength and weaknesses and improved my interpersonal relationship with my co-apprentice. I was able to manage responsibility assigned to me and knew how to deal with those responsibilities. It’s not easy to handle a certain job. You should know how to adjust yourself and at the same time learn to be resourceful and know how to get done your work independently.
You have to perform your job accurately and efficiently to avoid destructive and negative criticism. Though there are moments that I can’t do my work better, still I was optimistic. I persuaded and imbue in my mind that I can manage and able to handle my work as good as I can. Difficulties are just part of learning, a process that I have to take and endure. My OJT will always linger in my mind. I will surely miss my daily routine of work; the people who always greet us every time we went to the office for duty and of course my witty and fun to be with company.
As a student I am confident enough to say that my training ground filled the lacking experience I long for. I went out in the office with glee because of the good stepping stone I have with me. Though there are expectations I didn’t met, still I can say that my stay in the office is quite good. Now I know how to prepare myself for future employment. I am grateful that even just a little moment I render service and able to practice my managerial and financial skills, develop my personality and truly understand the word “professionalism”.
I genuinely believe that experience is the best learning: the core that molds us to be better workers. It is the basic instrument and door that will pave the way into various opportunities. It is perhaps the best education a simple individual could have. With the expanded and added information and experiences I gained from my OJT, I think I’m quite ready to face and step the next stage of my life and that is the most difficult, challenging yet motivating phase—my employment stage. Prepared By: Karen BrilloJovelyn Casquete BSC 3B Supevisor Submitted To: MR. BONIMER ALBOR OJT COORDINATOR

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