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Published: 2021-07-29 14:15:06
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Paper 02 also assesses Knowledge and Application of procedures associated with specialized office activities and office routines. The paper consists of The total mark for this paper is 90. There are four compulsory questions in Section I based on UnitsI, II, III, IV, V, VI and XII. Section II consists of four optional questions taken from Units VII, VIII, IX, X and XI. Candidates are required to answer ONLY two questions from this section. For every sitting of the Office Administration examination there are candidates who ignore thisinstruction and do allfour questions in thissection to theirdetriment.
Teachers mustcontinue to encourage studentsto readthe instructions given on the examination paper. Candidates’ overall performance in this paper compared with 2006 and 2007 was similar to their performance in the Paper 01. There was an overall increase in the mean performance from 38. 48 and 42. 08 in 2006 and 2007 respectively to 45. 10 in 2008. This paper is a written examination that targets private candidates. These candidates are identified as students who do not have the supervision of a teacher to complete the SBA project. The Paper is worth 50 marks.
It is designed to test the candidates’ ability to use their personal experiences on routine office activities acquired through observation or from doing the actualoffice tasks as a real employee. The paper consists of ten short answer questions based on an office case. For this examination the case focused on Units I, II and XII of the syllabus. While candidates’ performance in this paper improved i 2008 compared with 2007, the performance in 2008 was very consistent with that in 2006. It is noted that some areas of the syllabus tested in this paper continue to present a challenge to the candidates.
They, for instance, encountergreatdifficulty when they are asked to present information graphically, though they are given the choice of selecting an appropriate means for presentation. Each question in this paper is worth 15 marks. All the questions in Section I are compulsory. Question 1 This question tested Module I (objective 3) and Module IV (objective 3c). For Part (a),candidates were required to list two advantages and two disadvantages of conventional/ cellular and open plan layout ofthe office. This was worth 7 marks. Some candidates misunderstood the term “cellular”; others gave disadvantages for advantages and vice versa.
For Part (b), candidates were required to draw an organization chart to show the relationship among the Marketing Clerk, Graphic Artist, Marketing Manager and Promotion/Events Coordinator. This was worth 5 marks. This segment of the question proved to be challenging to the majority of candidates. Below is an example of an organization chart that would have been acceptable. Example of an organization chart (Graphic Artist and Marketing Clerk may be subordinate Events Coordinator) (Marketing Clerk may be subordinate to Events Coordina or and Graphic Clerk) Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager Marketing Clerk Events Coordinator In Part (c), candidates were asked to list three procedures that may be used for dealing with the visitor. This was worth 3 marks. Candidates demonstrated knowledge in this area and many were able to gain full marks. Marks for this question ranged from 0 -15 and the mean was 7. 58. The Examiners recommend that teachers expose students to the different terms used for the types ofoffice and that they use pictures to illustrate. Teachersshould also use charts /diagramsto expose students to avarietyof organization charts.

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