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Do you think understanding how to read a food label might benefit you? How might you use this information to improve your eating habits? Reading the nutrition facts label and utilizing the information it contains can help you improve your eating habits. People who use the nutrition facts label tend to consume fewer calories; less cholesterol, total fat, saturated fat, sodium and sugar; and more fiber than people who don’t make use of these labels.
Being able to understand how to read a food label can be important to sustaining a healthy lifestyle especially if you are on a diet or are simply trying to stay healthy knowing exactly what is in a product. Once you are familiar with the information contained on food labels, it is easy to use them to change your diet for the better. I’ve tried to understand how many calories, fats, saturated fats, sugars and grams of this and that, that is needed or not needed to change your diet and eat more healthy but I don’t understand it.
I just try to stay away from things I know is fattening. Which essential nutrients do you find it difficult to incorporate into your daily diet? What are some ways that you could start incorporating them? For me, I would have to say calcium. I drink 1 glass of milk with dinner on occasion otherwise I have water. I have tried taking vitamins however they make my stomach upset. I’ve tried taking them with and without food. Fully stomach and empty stomach.
I think all the good things hit my body like a ton of bricks and it does not know what to do with all the good stuff but try and get rid of it. I don’t eat cheese very often and fish is out of the question. I guess I could use milk in my smoothies instead of juice, or maybe powdered milk in my sauces or soups or whatever liquid it will mix with and I wont be able to taste. I do eat leafy green vegetables or put them in my smoothy so that’s another way I could get calcium into my diet. I know there has to be ways, but I haven’t thought of very many yet.

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