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Published: 2021-09-10 07:05:07
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Sorry for the bad quality but the commercial comes from an old video tape from 1981. // With this commercial, you can see how Nutella has already used strong motto as the one used nowadays. Thanks to that , Nutella is sold in 200 countries all over the world. // It is worth noting that the composition of the Nutella depends on the country the product aimed to. For instance, the French one is more liquid whereas the German one is harder. Everything depends on the type of bread. That’s just an explanation that shows you that Nutella can just adapt the product to reach a bigger target.
Remplacer par: thanks to details like that, Nutella detains there 85% of the market share in his category. Here are some figures to show you the presence of Nutella in everybody’s life. Each second, 9. 5 kilogram of Nutella are eaten by consumers all over the world -> that is to say around 300 000 ton per year which represents 400 million jars of Nutella. * We could do the tour of the earth with this amount. France is the first country consumer with around 84000 ton of Nutella per year. This represents 26% of the worldwide consumption which means around 2. 7 kilogram per second. / Anyway we will surely disappoint some of you but today, we are not going to talk about the empire of Nutella and its progression on the shelves of the kitchen, We will try to change your mind about Nutella
The first question we are going to focus on is: is Nutella really good for you? When you ask this question to American people, here are their opinions : « Well …is » « Nutella is amazing …. It » « Nutella… miraculous » Ici, on pourrait peut-etre ne pas dire la derniere, juste la laisser ? (j’ai aussi inverser l’odre ds lequel on dit les choses pr que ca doit plus logique (en gras) (…) // So we are going to focus on the question to show you that those people are pretty wrong, by showing you what you need to pay attention to when you see a nutella jar. / This is a picture of a typical Nutella jar: this is what nutella wants you, consumer, to see: The impression you gets is that nutella is mainly made with hazelnuts, milk & great chocolate. So, there is nothing unhealthy about that. // But if you are a little more curious, you will turn the jar and look at the label on the back: Then, you have two possibilities: a. You don’t know how to read it, so you just learn about the ingredients: these are approximately the same than in the picture: perfect! You’ll keep eating Nutella b. You know how to read the label and you learn about the real composition of Nutella: //
Many factories are using this oil because it’s a cheap one but they don’t pay attention on the bad effect of the oil on the health and on the environment: Palm oil increased cholesterol and is very bad for the environment. We found a video of an experiment that shows how much oil Nutella contains. The man put a jar of Nutella in a car on the sun during 10 hours, and here is the result: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=NO0mapch8mw (juste mettre de 2 minutes a 2 minutes 25) You have also: * Cocoa powder gives Nutella its chocolatey taste. But it’s not real chocolate. (ils s’en doutent? * Non fat milk * Emulsifier just keep the sugar, oil, nuts and cocoa nicely blended and stops them separating out during the months on the shelves. Nothing sinister about it * Flavour (vanillin) // However, not everything is bad about Nutella. Some ingredients are not present: At least there are no artificial colors or preservatives, no corn syrup and no added salt. As you can see, nutella is more sugar and fat than hazelnuts // To illustrate this, we did some research and did a comparison between Nutella and Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts. // Cadbury is a famous English brand of chocolate.

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