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Published: 2021-07-23 12:20:06
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NaziGermanyEssayAnna Wall 2/6/13 block 3 *To introduce what I am writing about I will start off by saying I have chosen some interesting facts to compare between the books number the stars and the movie miracle at midnight. They are both about Jews trying to get away from the Nazis. I will compare the Star of David necklace in both of them also the family members and there characteristics. First I will compare the Star of David necklace because in the book the Star of David necklace belongs to Ellen and she had it hidden in the trunk with all of lise’s old stuff. So if Nazis searched there houses then they will not look at nor see the Star of David necklace because it was very well hidden in the trunk. In the movie Hannah had the Star of David necklace and when she was packing up to run away to Sweden.
She had accidentally dropped it and the Nazis searched Mr. and Mrs. Koster’s house because they think they were holding Jews from them. Which they were) So the Nazis searched the upstairs bedroom that they thought was a lean in closet so they went in and the mom (Doris) spotted out the Star of David necklace when the Nazis were not looking Elsa stepped on it and when he left she put it in her dolls shirt for safe keeping. *Second I will compare the characteristics of mrs. johanson to the characteristics of mrs. Koster In the book she did want to help the Jews hide in the upstairs rooms and in the movie she did want to help hide Jews upstairs. *In the book Henrik was the uncle of the little girls and in the movie Henrik was the big brother of Elsa .

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