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Published: 2021-07-05 03:45:06
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My Community Service Experience During my community service project in our subject national service training program , I learned and experienced many new things, such as working with a diverse group of people, sensitivity, and how fortunate I am. Our group decided to work on a project about planting trees , and at the same time teaching the children . So we named or project “plant for a purpose , teach for a cause ” , during the project launching in Dalahican , purok 7 I enjoy that day .
At first I think it will be boring , but I’m wrong as we go around the place , we are inviting every citizen of that particular place , they didn’t hesitate to go with us and listen to our project . And in that day I realize how lucky I am , during the launching their is a raffle draw for the parents and I see in their face how thankful they are in winning a 2kl of rice or a noodles , and I also see the children when we were giving a toys they pulling each other just to assure they get some toys .
And in that moment i told my self your a very lucky person when i was a kid i didn’t experience fight over a toys because i get what i want. After the project launching we start our program , we start looking for the children that will spend their time on learning new things , and a place where we going to plant after that every saturday we are their in Dalahican for our project . Every saturday were happy teaching the children , and sometimes or should I say most of the time were not prepared on what will going to teach to them.
In that case I’ve learned that we should be prepared so we didn’t waste so much time. After several weeks were all excited in the graduation of the children , and the closing program . And when we got arrive in Dalahican one of our student gave us a letter , saying thank you for the time and the knowledge we share to them , and that simple letter makes us touch all the hard work , the suffer in waking early in the morning just to attend in CWTS class is very worth it. During the program the children makes us happy because they prepare a special presentation , a dance number .
Until the graduation of the children is done and we need to say goodbye to them . But I know it is not the ending maybe someday one of them will meet me in the future, because the world is too small . Their are many lesson that I’ve learned during the community service , like having a patient in the children because they are every naughty , being with the people who at first i didn’t know their attitude but when time passed by we are sharing already the story of our life .
And I also learned the true meaning of community service it is voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area , it is a unpaid work . And I also learned in some experienced that I only do in the community service. And I very thankful of this subject CWTS because we are obligate to join in community service . And thats the reason why i learned a lot. Thank you

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