Now or Never

Published: 2021-09-12 13:30:11
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I said to my friends Sean, Charlie, Nick, Ben, Megan, and Melanie. We were on our second day of spring break, in our high school senior year, getting ready to hit the road and get on our way to Destin, Florida. It was a frantic time before we were actually on our official way. Of course, it was traffic hour when we all decide to leave, that just added to the chaos. We weren’t going on this trip alone though, we were going with a whole flock of people.
There were seven parent chaperones and about fourteen other friends/ siblings and a couple of their friends too. With all of these people we obviously weren’t going to fit into one car. We took three cars between all of us. and of course I was thinking to myself, “ Screw it! It’s now or never! I can handle the drive; in my parents 1997 Chevy suburban! ” I was so pumped up and ready to be on the road. Now it was the seven of us in the good ol’ trusty “burban”; that’s what we would call the suburban for short.
Now, this car is just a few years old and she has had many road trips in her; but she has had a number of battle scars under the hood from our past adventures. We were loaded up and loaded down, packed to the brim; in this seven seater about thirty minutes from the house, and my friend Charlie got a call from our buddy Allen. Allen is a good friend of all ours and his bulb didn’t always burn too bright. Especially this day. Allen said to Charlie, “Yo fool, did ya’ll dip yet,? I am ready to go! ” We all sort of saw this coming, but we didn’t know if he was going to bail on his selfish girlfriend and come to Destin.
I was being a good friend and I turned that blue “burban” around; Even though we there was no room left in the suburban and the other cars were already well on there way, I was going to be driving solo from the pack. I liked being independent; I was somewhat of a daredevil. I guess you could say that I was a little too over confident in myself and my abilities. We pulled up to Allen’s house and jammed him and his bags in the back row, somehow. We were slammed packed, but we were all young and nimble. We all loved each other dearly; we were all best friends.
Now we have all the pieces to our puzzling friends together, and I finally caught back up to the rest of the caravan by dusk. It took us twenty-two hours to make it there. We had twenty-two hours left. Once we were there the wild times times began to brew. The guys and the girls each had their own condo, that alone I think says a lot about the mood of the trip. It was party party from the moment we arrived in Florida. Day three of the trip, I was enjoying some adult beverages since I was on vacation. Drinking is something we would do as a family when we went on vacation, mostly wine though.
This time it was vodka and coconut rum, and just enough to make me feel great. In my mind, I was on top of the world. My buddy Sean’s parents rented a three wheel motorcycle/go-cart hybrid that I knew I could drive. Sean’s little brother drove it away from his parents with me in shotgun, aka the passenger’s seat. This thing drove like a motorcycle, so I thought it could handle like a motorcycle. Corey, Seans little brother, squeezed the thing down the sidewalk to beat traffic and into the condominium parking lot.
The condos we stayed at were right on a golf course. We drove around that place like we owned it. We took turns driving it. I went out the condo parking lot into the grass and back towards our condo with the throttle all the way down. I started to weave through some curves. I really felt good about my driving skills. I whipped around a corner and next thing I knew I was on two wheels; and I have no more control of this motorcycle/tricycle. Bam!! I slammed right into a fire hydrant and it didn’t budge one bit. Corey luckily bailed.
With all the momentum going forward then coming to an immediate stop, he went flying twenty feet forward. He managed to only chip his two front teeth. As for me, I slammed chest first into the steering column. I immediately knew I was in a lot of pain in both my chest and in my pocketbook. I knew this was gonna cost a pretty penny. I didn’t have any major injuries, just a badly bruised rib cage and the air knocked out of me for day it seemed. From that day forward I will never drink and drive; I’ve learned that “now or never” was not the best motto.

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