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Published: 2021-06-16 11:00:04
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Taking notes during lectures is very beneficial to students in a number of ways. One, which is to remember and it will save student time relying on memory later on. You can be an amazing listener, but unless you have good note taking skills, it will be hard for you to remember what the teacher said in previous lectures. For notes to become useful, they should be well structured and you can go through them over and over so that the information remains fresh days prior to the exam.
Reviewing and pre-reviewing are two main steps students should do before they step into the next class. It is very beneficial for students to review the notes previously taken notes to help link between what has been previously taught and what is to come next class. This does not take much time but it will help keep the information fresh in the students minds. Also, skimming through the textbook before getting into the classroom will help students become acquainted with the main notions and concepts and this, in turn, will make it easy to follow with the teachers lecture. Moreover, usually, most students feel hesitated whether to jot down some notes or not; this happens when they do not know if the information is important or not. In this case, the best way is to take those notes when you are in doubt. The reason is that it is better to write too much than not enough.
This is where not knowing how to properly take notes comes into play. Personally, having used one style of note taking for many years it was a challenge trying to take notes using a new method. I felt like using the note taking styles we learned in Chapter 12, I was not able to get enough information to remember what was being taught. I usually take summary notes by using short cuts, so I stayed away from that style for this assignment.
Some ways to become an effective note taker is to effectively use abbreviations, although a lot of students do not like to use abbreviations on the ground that they may not understand them when it comes to the reviewing process. That is why abbreviations should be exploited effectively. How? In ever lecture, there are some words which are repetitive and should be abbreviated to save time, especially when the instructor talks fast. In the meantime, unimportant words should be left out.
For students to become good-notetakers, they should be equipped with more than one strategy mainly as one technique may not work equally for all lectures. Of the methods chapter 12 talked about, there will always be a favorite one. There are two good strategies to take notes. A strategy based off the Cornell Method note taking can be used when diving the paper into two or three parts; much room should be left for the main ideas and other space usually at the margin for key concept while the last part usually at the bottom is given to the summary of the lecture.
This method does not work equally with all teachers, due to the lesson possibly being simply too large or students remain uncertain what are key concepts. the idea that students can summarize the lesson shows the teacher that the students understand or not. Another strategy has to do with typing or re-writing them, as a student I had to do this. I took summary notes for the lecture and then went back into my dorm and had to re-write them or type them just to engrave the information into my memory. Also, question-based note taking is another method of students taking notes in the classroom. This method is difficult, especially for students who have disabilities. It would be easier if this method of note taking was given as a graphic organizer or the teacher presented the question for the student.
While reading through Chapter 12 and viewing the few links under the note taking folder on blackboard, brain pop was my favorite way of taking notes. The teacher used a graphic organizer to basically resemble the question-based note taking style with a twist of real time note taking. Asking students to not write until the teacher says teacher to is a great way to teacher young students how to take notes and to identify what is labeled as important information.
To put it in a nutshell, students attend class on a regular basis; they may understand the lesson accurately; they may show effective participation in the class, but unless they take notes they are good at doing, they are more likely to miss the “big idea” of the lecture and the purpose of doing well on exams and succeed good grades. Thus, students should be more open to different strategies to come good note-takers, because not one strategy is the best strategy for every teaching style.

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