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Published: 2021-08-21 16:45:07
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We surveyed much more about t Ncell through the use of various sources. Through these surveys we came to know about different aspects about Ncell. But we tried to get more insight of the consumers or the users of Ncell . With this prime motives we all decided to conduct a small Consumer Feedback Survey among the users of Ncell. We asked them the close ended questionnaire as a part of our primary survey . These questionnaire were distributed among the 20 Ncell users To know the diversified customers response we have selected the respondents from many sector llike professionals, Students , housewife and so on.
The nature of our questionare were solely based on the satisfaction level,attitude towards product ,features of products. The sample of the questionnaire is presented below: Customer Feedback Survey-Questionnaire Name: Address: Contact: Email: Profession: Please tick the appropriate options Q. 1. What is your view on network quality of Ncell ? a) Excellent b)Good c)Average d)Below Average Q. 2. Which service of Ncell do you use most? a)Call b) GPRS/3G c)Data card d)others Q. How expensive do you think is the price of Ncell service? a)Cheap b)Satisfactory c)Expensive d)Comparatively expensive Q. 4 How much money ( in average )do you spend in Ncell ? a)less then 100 b)R. S 100-250 C)R. S 250- 500 d)R. S 500 and above Q. 5 How does the feedback and customer care service respond to your problems ? a)Very Fast b)Average C)Satisfactory d)Slow response Q. 6 How is Advertising of Ncell? a) Persuasive b) Reinforcing c) Reminding d) Informative Q. How often do you get bonus scheme or offer from Ncell ? a) Frequently b) Very often c) Sometimes d) Rarely Q. 8 If you are using Ncell Internet service, how is it? a) Very fast b) comparatively fast c) Moderate d) slow Q. 9 What factor influenced you to purchase Ncell service? a) Media advertisement b) Hoarding board c) word of mouth d) References e) Non Q. 10 Do you have any suggestions that would help us to improve our Ncell service? Signature of the customer: Thank you for your kind cooperation
Major Findings From the customer survey that we conducted with 20 different Ncell customers we have found some crucial results. According to them the network quality of Ncell service is good however some of them said it is excelled. Likewise talking about the services provided by Ncell many of them are using call and GPRS service, the majority of GPRS users are youth among them. Another important result we have found about the price that Most of the respondent said it is comparatively expensive (which mean the Ncell Price is expensive than its major rival NTC).
However the service within the Ncell subscriber is not that expensive. The major factors affecting to purchase of Ncel Service are Media advertisement, hoarding board, word of mouth and references respectively. Moreover the advertising of the Ncell is more reinforcing according to the respondents however some of them said it is informative e also. Considering the aforementioned survey discussion now we would like to show here some figures and chart to understand the findings in more specific way.

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