Nature in the movie cast away

Published: 2021-06-24 16:10:04
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Nature can be quite harsh and unpredictable. Many times in movies, nature is portrayed from one extreme to the other. Either directors portray nature as completely safe or extremely dangerous and deadly. An example of this is Cast away. Director Robert Zameckis developed the idea of nature being cruel and harsh. He managed to develop this though the use of strong conflict, Tom Hanks’ incredible acting and special effects. In the movie Cast away, the conflict enhanced the idea created by the director of nature being unpredictable, dangerous and deadly.
One example of nature’s unpredictability is the plane crash that left Tom Hanks’ character cast away. The crash was caused by a lightning strike during a sudden violent storm. On many days, there were violent storms which made Chuck Noland’s life on the island even more difficult. As well as struggling to keep his life, Tom Hanks’ character struggled to keep his sanity. His struggle is shown clearly by Tom Hanks’ acting. Tom Hanks’ acting was a show of the challenges Chuck Noland had to face. He went through many challenges physically and emotionally.
Chuck Noland had to go from a fast-paced life in the city to an unpredictable island life and back again. He changed from workaholic who was obsessed with living by a tight schedule to someone a bit more carefree who learnt to live in the moment not for it. Tom Hanks showed the expressions and reactions you would expect for someone who had to go through what his character went through and that greatly enhanced the theme and the idea the director created. One thing that greatly enhanced the viewing experience and Chuck Noland’s reaction was the special effects.
The storms, plane crash, injuries, blood and unpredictable intense weather were all a result of special effects. These all worked to enhance the film. Were there none of these effects, the film would have lost all intensity. The weather and the injuries Chuck sustained were all a part of his struggle. It was crucial to have these to enhance the idea of nature being harsh. They all made the film seem slightly more real and believable. Special effects such as those present in Cast Away were needed to make the movie more intense and interesting.
The idea that director Robert Zameckis developed in Cast away around nature being harsh and cruel was enhanced using conflict, acting and special effects. The conflict showed the things that can happen in such an unknown environment. Tom Hanks’ acting showed the pain and the changes that a survivor of such an ordeal would face. The special effects worked to enhance the harshness of the situation. Overall, the movie castaway was a story of disaster, hope, change and survival.

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