National Pharma Case

Published: 2021-09-11 15:40:09
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Highlighted the interests and gains of various stakeholders • Highlighted the various deficiencies in execution of the program • Breaking up of problems into appropriate sections : right to information, right to be consulted and right to decide jointly • Emphasized the fact that proper research has not been done and how the strategy has been forced by the top management Strengths of the analysis of the Discussant.
Strengths of the analysis of the Discussant 3 • Emphasized the lack of effort to get the complete buy in of the middle level mangers • Highlighted whatever, little trust in the management was developed with the partnership approach, got seriously undermined in the way management team approached the business crisis with regard to people issues. • Pointed out that for success of a strategy ,regular team briefings are important which wasn’t the case with the National Pharma company.
Communication Enthusiasm at all levels Attitude surveys It is a questionnaire survey of employees On a one-off or regular basis Which is designed to discover their views About a variety of factors connected with work Orientation of hr to strategy Team briefings Factors Impacting Working of EI 1.
Mgt’s willingness to concede some prerogatives 2. Training of mgrs/WM in group-working skills ––Presentation––Leadership––Assertiveness––Problem-solving 3. Provision of proper feedback mechanisms 4. Taking action to implement group decisions 5. Realize: Conflict helps developing initiative Explains new and changed policies––Explaining co. plans ––Telling progress in aspects of organizational functioning ––People: appointments, personnel matters ––Feed back to top––Provides for two-way communication
Learnings from the Case • Proper Communication- Feedback to top that provides for two-way communication is extremely important for proper functioning. • Newsletter & team briefing are important • Concrete Action should be taken to implement group decisions • Training in Group-working skills should be given to managers and WM.

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