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Published: 2021-07-06 12:25:04
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My First Day on my practicum was they introduce me to my Boss and Supervisors. The start of my OJT was on November 13 but I still came on November 11 because during our Orientation on November 4 my boss asked me if I could start on that day, I refused because I was not yet enrolled and it is still not counted on my hours. I promise my boss that I would attend on November 11, though it was not still counted on my given hours I still attended because I want to impress and create a good image in my workplace.
At first I was bored because they don’t really ask me to do anything. But they taught me how to operate the Photocopy Machine. At first my adjustments were quite big because I don’t know anyone and I’m new in the workplace but at the end of the day I manage to adjust and learn something. November 14, 2013 I was given a task to sort files like to separate “PURCHASE ORDER and “JOB ORDER PAPERS” and to sort them by their dates into an ascending order.
My mission this day was to finish the assigned task but I did not finish them because I still have classes. I like doing something than waiting for the time to pass by. After I finished the task assigned to me, I was overwhelmed by the impressions of my supervisors, they never thought that I would finish sorting 1 box that fast, I start enjoying what I do from that day. November 15, 2013 This day they asked me to sort again 1 box of “P. O. and J. O.
But I thought that it is better to slow down my work so that I may have something to do the whole day, but I thought again that I don’t want to ruin the image of the school, I want to show that Assumptionist are students who are obedient and fast at work but with quality, this is why I tend to finish 1 box again for just 2 hours. I learned that if you are bored, you should think positive things and just try to enjoy what you are doing. November 18, 2013 This day I was given a task to reproduce some files and to fetch some papers to other departments, it was fun because you tend to meet different types of people.
I have observed their actions, attitude and especially the Do’s and Don’ts on the workforce. I notice that every Monday the employees have their Flag ceremony and Panatang Makabayan, which I thought that this was only held during Elementary, High School and College Days. November 19, 2013 Today my boss asked me to help wrap some ‘FORMS’ that would be send to other Philhealth Branches, I enjoyed this day very much because I was given a chance to chat with one of my Supervisors.
He told me that last year there was this OJT student from other school and she was very lazy, my supervisor told me that she would put make up on her face for 30 minutes or whenever there is a task assigned to her she always ask some of the Runners to do it for her. My TQM Professor was very right; OJT students must perform their task very well because they bring the name of the school, good thing there were no much negative feedbacks on Assumption Students when it comes to work performance. November 20, 2013
Today I was given a task to sort and reproduce some Forms and Papers, when I was doing my task, a problem occurred in the photocopy machine. At first I tried to solve the problem by myself but I thought that it is better to ask some assistance to lessen the problem. My Supervisor taught me what I should do whenever the machine malfunctions; I have solved my problem without even causing bigger problems. After that I just answer some phone inquiries, my Supervisors ask me to fetch some Papers to other department. In this little things I do, I recognize and learn the process and system of a workforce.
November 21, 2013 This day my boss asked me to encode some Inventory supply. It was my first time to do this task so I had many questions because I want my work to be perfect. I don’t want to commit mistakes on the little things they ask me to do. After an hour I finished typing and encoding the supplies. My boss said I was good at doing my job and without noticing I was having a positive feedback, but I was not that sure because I don’t want to assume anything, all that I want to do is do and enjoy my job perfectly. November 22, 2013
This day my boss asked me to do again some encoding of Inventory Supplies and this time he assigned me to do the inventory of 12 Departments, at first I thought that it was too many that I couldn’t finish it for a day, but at the end of the day I learned that I prefer doing something than waiting for the time to pass by. But the real fact is I love encoding, it felt like I was already working and I was a part of the employees. After a long day I recognized that I develop my typing skills and values that whatever they ask you to do, you should try to do it first before you try to think some complains in your head.
November 25, 2013 This day I continued my work on encoding some Inventory Supplies for other Departments and after a few hours my boss asked me to scan some files, at first I was a bit hesitant because I don’t know who should I follow. He said that I should prioritize and do what is more important and urgent. He thought me how to scan and gave some papers that I should scan. After scanning he asked me to fax the papers I scanned. I felt a bit excited and proud because they trusted me with that kind of work.

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