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Published: 2021-07-23 17:30:06
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My Hometown Everyone always has their own home town. It is a place that can’t make them forget it, because of it provides many times for them and their people such as their family, friends, relatives and villagers. And sometime it also provides bad times that make they miss it all the times and they want to return. And for my home town is kandal province. Kandal province is an attractive place among other twenty-four provinces in our Cambodia. Firstly, all people in kandal province are friendly and they have own business. Most people around my area are sellers and workers of factory.
They love each other and helpful when someone had problems. Although they have difference lifestyle but they still struggle do their job by legal and make their family in happiness. They welcome all new comers who left their house to here by honestly. They don’t mind each other such as lifestyle, position, religion and nationality. In sort, kandal province full of good people. Secondly, many foods are cooked in this province. Those foods are popular and delicious for everybody here. The food is in my hometown also similar as the other food at other provinces. They have the same name but difference ways of cooking and flavor.
For me, I don’t know which foods are belonging to this province. But what I know, kandal province has many vegetables and fruit that crop by people here, and they planted by natural along the river and around the lake. In brief, this province has many foods and vegetables. Thirdly, this province has many resorts and other places that make us happy. Most of those places are the popular place that attractive many tourism from everywhere. Sometime, there are foreigners at there too. Some those place are natural resorts and some those place are human resorts. We saw many visitors went there every holiday, especially in the evening.
Some people come in group and some people come in couple. They look so happy. Those resorts consist of PHNOM SA-SANG, PHNOM BROSETH, KOH DACH, KOH OKNHATEY, KEAN SVAY RESORT, KOMPONG TOUL RESORT etc. Although some of those place are not so famous full country but it famous for people who living around those places. Totally, Kandal province has many happy places. As a result, all everything that I describe above is the good things that kandal province has. It has more than these but I choose only three or four to write down. So I think that kandal province is a wonderful land among fantastic province in our kingdom of Cambodia.

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