My first love

Published: 2021-06-23 06:55:05
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My first love began six years ago, when I was only fourteen, I was very young with no experience with boys. I thought that there was no heart break in this world, until I met him. His brown caramel eyes, shady dark brown hair, pink color skin it was breathtaking. That first moment when at tutoring class we saw each other he was making his way to the seat in back of mine and while approaching he was smiling at me, made my heart skipped a beat. It took me months to talk to him; we became best friends nothing what I wanted, his life and his thoughts were mine, he was my world and he even had a clue i kept it secret.
Everyone said that we had something between us and i was happy that people could imagined that. He always make me laugh without noticing how deeply in love i was falling. One day he invited me over to his house to watch movies, he chose the movie “The Notebook”, surprised because he chose a romantic movie and I thought “it mean something, he liked me”. Minutes after the movie finishing, i went to his lips kissed him and suddenly he stopped me and told me that he didn’t liked me that way in that moment I felt stupid and heart broken. I ran away, went home and cried for days. He broke my heart.
Years passed, I never heard from him my best friend told me he left the city. I promised myself that i would never drop another tear for him and because of that my feelings almost vanished along with him but there were still memories haunting me for being stupid. His name is now engraved in my soul, he is part of who i am now. He made me cry but he also made me strong.

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