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Published: 2021-08-05 02:05:06
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Actually on my father’s side, I almost have no memory about my grandmother because she passed away while I was in the cradle. However, my grandfather was a hero in his young ages. My grandfather was born in 1921, during the year 1950 to 1953, my grandfather as one of the volunteer soldiers, took part in the Korean War which was aim to resist the US aggression and aid Korea. My grandfather told me that after the war, he was prized by Chairman Mao and my grandfather was proud of his experience for a long time. As for my father, he used to be a business man and the profit of his company was very acceptable.
However, a few years later, the government carried out a policy that this company should be owned by the government so my father left the company and restarted his own business. However, as we know, along with the development in this modern society and the decreasing employment rate, to run a business successfully is not as easy as before. In spite of the fact that my father’s current business is not as profitable as the previous one, however, his spirit always encourages me to study hard and to be a useful man.
As for my mother’s side, before my grandfather’s retirement, he was a governmental officer who always seeks the benefits and rights for the public. At that time, some of the governmental officers in order to gain their own profit or benefits, they used their job positions or power to do some unethical issues. Up to now, what I am very proud of is that my grandfather was a honest governmental officer and from his working principles, I understood that a good officer should always put people’s rights in the first place.
In terms of my grandmother, when she was young, she was keen to learn knowledge, and she became a teacher after her bachelor’s degree. However, the Cultural Revolution that happened during the year 1966 to 1976 broke my grandmother’s dream. When the Cultural Revolution burst, my grandmother was assigned to the Xinjing province which was the poorest city in North West of China. At the place, my grandmother could not be a teacher any more, instead, she must help to produce the rice and corns.
My grandmother told that ten years were the hardest time that she never had because her dream and interests was to be a teacher so that the young people will learn knowledge from her. However, the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976, and China renewed its central administration that Deng Xiaoping was chosen to be the new chairman of China. In the year 1978, China became to focus on the technological and economical developments so my grandmother was asked to come back to her home city and to be a teacher again.
When my grandmother heard about that news, she could not help to cry because to be a teacher was her dream forever. Up to now, although grandmother retired from her position, but when it comes to the Chinese New Year, or any traditional holidays, there must be a lot of her students come to her house to thank her and spend the holidays together. Almost each of her students respects my grandmother, as well as my whole family. Form my family’s history, I feel that I am a lucky boy that each member love each other, and each family member is trying their best to make our family have a better life.

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