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Published: 2021-09-01 20:55:11
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When there is a break in the vocals, sonically, all instruments come to the foreground, with the focus shifting to the guitar part. A good example of this is evident in the intro, where these three strands play in unison and then the guitar part plays on its own, creating antiphonal music, shown below in Fig. 5A Fig. 5A [pic] Another good example of where call and response is evident is during the verses where the vocal line will finish a sentence or phrase, and the guitar will respond with a melodic riff (Fig. 5B).
With this type of interplay, Hendrix is able to really express his emotions and keeps the listener constantly involved in the journey of the song both musically and lyrically. Fig. 5B [pic] The most interesting musical interaction would have to be during the guitar solo. A rhythm guitar is brought in to play with the bass and drums, which thickens out the background and middle-ground section, leaving the lead guitar to be the predominant melody line in the foreground. Synthesis / Conclusion In 1967 The Jimi Hendrix Experience released Are You Experienced, their debut album which included the song The Wind Cries Mary.
Through the use of a simple song structure and chord progressions, Jimi was able to produce one of the best ballads in his musical catalogue. With his unique style of blues, distinctive quality of his vocal melodies and tasteful guitar embellishments and solos, Hendrix takes you on a journey with this remarkable blues ballad. To think that this song was written by Hendrix in one night, then later recorded in one quick session at the studio previously unrehearsed with the band is testament to how talented and amazing Jimi Hendrix was as a song writer and musician.

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