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Published: 2021-06-24 14:10:04
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Honestly, I have not really accomplished too much in my life but there is one achievement for which I received an award that depicts the effort and devotion I exerted into wrestling. Last year I was voted the most valuable junior varsity wrestler by my teammates and I received a trophy to honor my outstanding season. It is not a spectacular trophy. Rather, its value comes from a more personal sentiment, being a reminder that hard work and determination is the key to accomplishing any goals, mild or arduous.
In my perspective, it is more an icon of my failure, with a hint of success. I understand that trophies normally do not represent someone’s failures. However, I realized that defeat is the quickest path to victory only after my second wrestling season had concluded because I recognized that continuously losing prepared me more than anything for my later matches. That is why I think of those failures and thank them when I look at my trophy. Now, my most prized possession sits proud on my bedside table, serving as a personal memento of my two-step journey as a wrestler.
Having two brothers, I never did anything by whim because everything I took interest in was because of my brothers’ influences. One particular sport I got into was wrestling after my brother, Jonathan, started. I’ll never forget the ardent wrestling performance of my brother and his teammates for their first meet. It was my first time ever watching wrestling but I was overflowing with a wrestler’s passion. By that night, I already knew I wanted to join the (insert school here) wrestling team, assuming I would be granted acceptance into (insert school here).
Two years later, I was in the same position as my brother, ebulliently awaiting my time to shine and live up to my brother’s undefeated novice record. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was put to rest after tragically experiencing countless defeats. The entire season was quite disheartening. I finished off with only three wins and six losses but never once thought of dropping out of the team next season. I did, however give up all my wrestling ambitions and resolved to be less competitive next season. Fortunately, things soon started to take a turn for the better.
Sophomore year arrived faster than I thought it would and before I knew it, a few months had passed and wrestling season was going strong. Our first competition was a tournament and my coach entrusted me to wrestle four matches. I was losing all of what little confidence I had while I was warming up, as usual, before my first match. Lastly, I comforted myself by thinking that losing does not matter, ran out on the mat, and let instinct take care of the rest. To my amazement, by the time the blood had rushed back to my head, I was standing in the center of the mat with my hand raised.
Being a very objective person, just one win was all my ego needed to believe in myself again. I won all four matches that day and felt like a new person, ready to take on any challenge. The whole season was one of the most enjoyable portions of my life, packed with thrill and passion for the sport. I finished with twenty-four wins and seven losses. I worked hard all season, never forgetting the path I took, and was rewarded with a new sense of pride. Someone might think my trophy is a physical symbol of the honor I earned during my successful, but, in truth, it is an icon of my failure.

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