Monologue on To Kill a Mockingbird

Published: 2021-07-11 03:35:04
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She deserved it, every last swing of the baton! As I hit each bud, it felt as if I was using all my force to get rid of each criticism that had been thrown at our family. We’ve put up with a lot from her over the last months and today I couldn’t control myself. Mrs Dubose has often said that since our mama died, we have not been raised properly and she blames Atticus, whereas to us he’s been an ideal father and when she criticised Atticus this last time it was just too much. With Tom’s Trial, I knew that what Atticus was doing was right, but the way Mrs Dubose sees it is that he is going against his upbringing.
I don’t know why she can’t understand that it’s the job of a lawyer to support the law and it doesn’t matter who it concerns. Anyway, I am glad I did what I did, but now I’m worried in case Atticus doesn’t see it my way. (Becomes more thoughtful, slows down) He’s normally so reasonable but this time I’m not sure how he’ll respond. The last thing I want to do is to make him embarrassed or unhappy. Actually, I think he’ll be mad that I didn’t remember his words and treat Mrs Dubose with courtesy. To tell the truth, I just lost my temper and I acted without proper consideration of the consequences.
(Sighing and shaking his head) I am sure that Atticus will be disappointed. 2. Mrs Dubose (Talking angrily to herself about what Jem has done, in a wheelchair, angry face, on the porch of her house) It is Atticus’ job as a father to look after his children and instead he is letting them run around like animals. See; thanks to Jem my lovely garden is ruined (Points to the garden with her walking stick). These camellias were the only things going right for me in my life and that little boy has taken that away from me.
I was going to sit on my porch and watch the flowers all summer but now I have no pas time. Honestly, I think it is time that Atticus takes care of his children properly and does his duty as a father instead of lawing for dirty trash (bangs her walking stick on the ground). He and his children are bringing shame to the Finch family, and to our kind. It is the father’s responsibility to teach Jem a lesson and if Atticus can’t I certainly will. Actually, I’m not surprised that he crushed my camellias, because I’m stuck in this chair, and he knew I couldn’t come down from my porch.
Is Atticus raising a coward or a gentleman? If he does not come and apologise to me, I will be outraged and they will face justice. Now, Jem better come right over here and apologise to my face. Hmm, I wonder, is Jem brave enough to face me…? 3. Atticus (Talking to himself, walking home, disappointed face) It was with great disappointment that I learnt about the unfortunate actions perpetuated by Jem. Never would I have thought that my coolheaded, sensible Jem would commit such an act.
I understand that he is just a child and that he still has a lot to learn but I thought I had taught him better. Even though he knew the situation of Mrs Dubose, he still carried out his actions in a thoughtless manner which scares me into thinking I might not be doing my job right as a father. From an early age I have trained him to respect his elders and I thought he understood but obviously this is not the whole truth of the matter. When Mrs Dubose was speaking to me I was absolutely mortified by his actions and his complete lack of respect for what I have taught him.
I would really like him to understand that we should always show compassion, as well as respect, for others, regardless of their situations. My two children are already being ostracised because I am lawing for Tom and I don’t want there to be another reason for society to exclude them. As soon as I get home I will tell Jem to apologise then I will think of a way to explain to him that he must always face the consequences of his actions. It is to be hoped that, by doing this Jem will learn an important lesson in the same way I have.

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