Mission and vision

Published: 2021-06-11 14:15:03
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Mission statement
“Reason for existing”
1. What do we do?
We drill, we make pipes, we make wells, we help to clean the environment,
2. How do we do it? 3. Who for? We do it for our clients, for the countries and in the end for local people
4. Why do you do it?
Values Triple A – grade system HSE – employee and environment orientated Quality and Ethics – product and customer orientated Performance – business and finance orientated
Fancy words to use:
The best, clear, easy, secure, quality, strong, fast?, vision, make a change/traditional/growing business, innovative, progressive, excellence, sustainable, world-class/globally operating, inspiration,
Make the brand stand for one thing. What is our product for? What role does it play in people’s lives? How does Bauer help the local community? Or globally? Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable development the Group’s environmental policy stipulates that environmental impact must be minimized in all construction works and other projects
What do we want to achieve? In the future (Where are we going with this?) When would you be satisfied as the company owner?
Obvious: We want to be N.1 company on the market Future of mankind
Strategic goals
Smaller visions for various areas, they are based on the vision and represent the desirable states and conditions which the company wants to achieve. Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed, Ethical, Rewarded
Areas: 1. Market 2. Financial performance 3. Business growth 4. research and development, the level of technology and investment, 5. Social Services, the quality of employees and motivation systems, 6. implementation of information systems, and the environment
How do we reach these strategic goals? Swot analysis http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130626044531-64875646-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-mission-and-vision-statements
BCG method
Slogans used:
We won’t stand still
When others go into detail you deal with the big stuff at Bauer No hire and fire
Halliburton: Solving challenges
In the coming decades, energy resources will become increasingly difficult to find and access. As one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the upstream energy industry, Halliburton serves the life cycle of the well. Using the latest geological technologies, we create data that help our customers locate oil and natural gas. When hydrocarbons are located, we provide solutions to determine if oil and gas can be produced. If a well is determined to be viable, we begin production and throughout the life of the field, we help ensure that our customers get optimal production rates.
To prevent and respond to emergencies, customers call Halliburton for premier well intervention, pressure control, and pipeline and process services. Halliburton’s team of professionals around the globe provide these services to help our customers meet the world’s demand for energy, while maintaining the highest standards of environmental safety. The company serves the upstream oil and natural gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir:
Create FAQ 1. What does the company do? 2. What industry are you in? for what industry do you provide? 3. How is the company organized? 4. What are your most significant projects?

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