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Published: 2021-09-03 10:40:11
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The FoodMaster company is a leading manufacturer of dairy products in Kazakhstan and it gained the garland for launching many dairy categories in our Republic. The company manufactures the widest range of products among domestic manufacturers and is always aspiring to satisfy the tastes and demands of the Kazakhstani. Among the favorite consumer products arethe yogurt, the sour cream, the home curd, Dolce yogurts, Bio-C Immune+ curdled milk, and many others. Currently, the company plants produce more than 100 kinds of dairy products.
Every year the company updates the range, offering new products with improved flavor to the Kazakhstani. Since 2004, FoodMasterhas been the member of the Laktalic International Group (France) — the worldleader in producing high quality dairy products, bringing together over 200 companies around the globe. FoodMastercompany is the first Kazakhstani food company, which in 2001 began to implement a quality management system ISO and obtained the certificate in 2004. Since 2010, the company has implemented the international system of food safety — HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Points).
The principles applied in the system of HACCP, substantially reduce the risk of hazard to human life and health. HACCP allows to foresee risks in food production and, thus, provides consumers with a guarantee of product safety. Product 1. Kefir from FoodMaster – is a healthy dairy drink. It has been known to many generations of Kazakhstani families and is very popular. Kefir from FoodMaster favours the recovery of the body system being a storage of natural minerals and vitamins. Among them there are vitamins necessary for human body, such as vitamin A, ? carotene, vitamin D, vitamin B1, B2, and vitamin C. Besides the health benefits Kefir from FoodMaster has an invigorating and refreshing flavour. * Packaging: TetraTop 1000 g; TetraBrik with a cap 500 g, TetraBrik with a cap 1000g; FinPaket 1000 g. * Fat: 2. 5%, 3. 2%. * The product is ‘live’: not thermised and contains no preservatives. * Use within 21 days, requires refrigeration. * Storage Temperature: 4 ± 2°C. 2. Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun+ – Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun + – it’s our favourite and healthy sweet vanilla flavoured or fruit jam lapped milk.
It was clinically proven* that due to the unique formula of Vitamin C + lactobacilli Immunalis, Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun + helps to strengthen the natural immunity. * Packaging: TetraTop 500 g;TetraBrik with a cap 500 g; TetraBrik with a cap 1000 g; * Fat: 3. 2%. * Flavours: peach, vanilla, strawberry. * Use within 21 days: the product is ‘live’, not thermised, requires refrigeration. * Storage Temperature: 4±2°С. *Clinical studies were conducted by the Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Two groups participated in the test: Group 1 — 50 people, patients of the clinic n. 7 in Almaty, within 30 days drank daily 500 ml of Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun +, Group 2 — similar in age and sex, did not drink Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun +. The results showed that the ‘regular use of Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun + increases the content of lymphocytes in the blood (T-lymphocytes, T-helper cells, cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) in case of their deficiency. ’ These cells (also called a T-killer cells), being the main components of antiviral immunity, carry out the natural destruction of the cells damaged by viruses and bacteria.
The Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan clinically proved that Lapped Milk BIO-C Immun + strengthens natural immunity and makes you more protected! 3. Dolce Yoghurt Drink from FoodMaster – is a gentle creamy drinking yoghurt made from milk of the highest quality, with large cantles of natural juicy fruit! Yoghurt Drink is available in a handy package of choice and has excellent flavour. * Packaging: TetraTop 500g; plastic bottle 300 g. * Fat: 2. 5%. * Flavours: strawberry, cherry, peach. * Use TetraTop within 21 days, plastic bottle – within 30 days.
The product is ‘live’, not thermised, requires refrigeration. * Storage Temperature: 4±2°С. 4. Lactel Milk with Vitamin D – is the only milk RANGE with vitamin D in Kazakhstan. Calcium is known to be better absorbed in the presence of vitamin D. But, given the unfavourable environmental situation of most cities, the amount of UV light penetrating through the thick smog, is significantly reduced, and, consequently, decreases the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. It is therefore necessary to ensure a daily intake of vitamin D * for adults and especially children.

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