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Published: 2021-07-09 04:55:04
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There are four styles of creative intelligence. Each style of creative intelligence will have an influence on how decisions are made within any organization. There are also mental models and mindsets that will change or influence aspects of an organization and these mental models and mindsets are also influenced by the five forces. Throughout this paper, I will compare and contrast each of the creative intelligence’s and how they influence organizational decision making, how the five forces influence mental models and mindsets, and how these mental models and mindsets could limit the decision-making process. Compare and Contrast
The four styles of creative intelligence are: intuition, imagination, innovation, and inspiration. Intuition is where one uses his or her results and relies on past experience to guide decisions making (Rowe, 2004). With intuition, one literally uses past experiences or numbers to help guide what he or she will do. Intuition is important, as one learns from his or her past, therefore he or she is able to use this style of creative intelligence to create or develop a better outcome. Imagination style of creative intelligence targets a set of individuals who has traits such as strong leadership, enjoys writing, and artistic (Rowe, 2004).
This intelligence is important within an organization, because he or she can look past the normal situations, have great coping skills and have the ability to use his or her imagination to come up with better ideas that others may not have thought of. This style will more to the future than the past for ideas. Inspiration style focuses on social change and presenting dedication to change an end result (Rowe, 2004). These individuals focus on positive energy that remains focused, logical, and motivated within the organization. He or she will look at what is going on within the current situation in the company and be inspired to come up with plans and solutions for the future. The fourth styles of innovation are usually individuals that have a mindset of positive energy, and he or she will remain focused, logical, and motivated. More often than not, an innovative individual focuses on current situations and he or she is able to use current process and create new and upgraded things. The four styles of creative intelligence have their own place within an organization. While some focus on historical data, some focus more on current data.
Regardless of the focus, more information can be found by using all four. There are many aspects that could be overlooked, if all four styles were not used within an organization. Five Forces Influence The five forces are: environmental, heredity, education, genetic, and past experiences. These forces can influence mental models and mindsets in many ways. Some examples of mental models and mindsets are: customer –centric, business-centric, personal centric and innovative centric. A customer- centric individual can be heavily influenced by the environment and past experiences.
This individual will take the environment he or she works as a way to better serve his or her customer. An example would be an individual that works in a retail store would have the tools available to do exactly what the customer needs. He or she can also use past experiences to help guide how the customer will be served. A business-centric individual would be influenced by his or her education. Many people will focus his or her careers on their past education. Education helps shape the way a business-centric individual will lead his or her career.
His or her education helps guide the way their professional life will be ran. Education will teach many aspects of a job, which others may not be privy to. With this in mind, a business-centric individual would also have the ability to influence others, as he or she already has been taught how to do so. A personal-centric individual can be influenced by his or her heredity. So much of how that individual is, comes from within. This is simply a personal process that has been developed through how a person was raised, or developed. An innovative-centric individual can be influenced in many ways.
Although this individual make focus on what is current, there are many things from the past experiences that may influence the way things are done. His or her current environment can inspire innovation, and that can easily be spread to others. Limits to the Decision-making Process Mental models and mindsets can easily limit the decision-making process. One of the easiest ways this can happen is when one is not willing to go beyond his or her mindset. This is why it is so important for an organization to have a well-balanced employee pool of all types of mental models and mindsets.
If one was only customer-centric, and never willing to look at how he or she could develop process that will greatly improve the organization, the organization could never reach its fullest potential. An innovative-centric individual may limit how an organization could grow, if he or she was not willing to look at how the past experiences of the organization could influence the future, it could result in a lack of innovation and severely prohibit the organization from growing. One’s thought process or mindset can make or break an organization.
If there is not a balance of different types of mindsets, or employees who are willing and able to adapt to change, man limitations could occur with any company. My Mental Model / Mindset I am very customer –centric. As I work in retail, this has benefited me over the years tremendously. This aspect of my life has definitely influenced my decision making in all aspects of my life. I always focus on how my decision will affect others, and I am always looking at ways that I am able to satisfy the majority of people.
I also use information from as many sources as possible to make the best decisions for all. Conclusion Creative intelligence is used in all types of business. It is imperative that there are all types of employees within an organization that have a variety of mental mindsets. As an organization evolves, so does the employees that work there. By embracing these differences, an organization will have the ability to grow and develop new ideas much more easily than one that does not have a well-balanced team. There is no wrong or right mental mindset, just how it is used.

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