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Published: 2021-07-10 05:30:04
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Outcome 1 Be able to identify agreed ways to gain entry and to leave individuals homes 1 Access information about general requirements for entering and leaving individuals homes. With this being aimed at home clients this will include… An Appointed time for visit agreed by client. Address of appointment. Time of appointment (always be on time to avoid any distress or concern). A form of identification. 2 identify special requirements and individual preferences for entering and leaving an individual’s home This include key boxes on door ways with code number provided for emergency use .
Keys provided to support workers / housing warden /medical professionals but these as key holders should be the only person to use the keys as trusted key holders Outcome 3 is able to take appropriate action when unable to gain entry to an individual’s homes 4 explain why it is important to record and report on difficulties with access This could be because appointment forgot or illness. This could also be because of accident /incidents occurring, this makes some clients have door key lockers for appointed people like support workers and wardens. Recording any issues can… Show patterns
Medicinal this could be when change of medicine or between medical treatment (monthly injections etc) Financial eg when end of pay period awaiting next pay day or possible financial abuse. Environmental weather or even when area busy with people (school holidays or a time of holiday makers visiting in some areas). Outcome 4 is able to deal with emergencies encountered after gaining entry. 1 Describe emergencies that may be encountered when gaining entry to an individual’s homes There can be many emergencies involved including physical, medical, substance abuse or environmental.
Environmental – this could be gas leak ,carbon monoxide , electrical ,water or fire . These should be dealt with by professions Call 999 and ask for fire +ambulance as any person in building will need medical help . Medical-These could be accidental falls or trips. Natural eg.. Bad back (slipped disc etc) . Or deliberate eg .. overdose . In any of these call 999 ask for ambulance and stay with client to reassure and if require assistance with first aid.
Substance abuse –This involves drugs or /and alcohol. In this case these could lead to self-harm or harm to you . Company guidelines say leave but this is a position that should be assessed when in attendance as this could be a duty of care issue and need medical help . This must be recorded and risk assessments updated. Physical-this could be from client, other person in building or the building itself. This could be linked to environments or substance abuse and be an end result.

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