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Published: 2021-07-09 08:15:05
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This is an interview of a Master’s- prepared nurse who has recently assumed an Assistant Director of Nursing position. The intend of the interview is to show how a graduate of a Master of Science in Nursing would adequately prepare a nurse to assume a higher role in the field of nursing practice, education or administration. This achievement offers the individual with many opportunities for growth and opens the door to different career possibilities. I chose to interview B. A. , a fellow instructor at the Anaheim nursing school where we teach.
Aside from knowing that she is optimally qualified to fill her post, I am also impressed by how she rose from the ranks, and how she values education as the tool to reach for her dreams. Overview of Career B. A. started her career after graduating as a Medical Assistant at Everest College (formerly Bryman College), La Palma in 1991. She worked from 1991 – 1993 at a surgical group practice clinic in Cypress, and was responsible for the back room. She gained clinical experience while assessing patients, taking vital signs, assisting doctors and performing venipunctures and injections.
Not content with her work, she continued with her studies and became a Certified Nursing Assistant from Long Beach City College in 1993. She worked at the Skylight Convalescent Home at Long Beach from 1993 – 1996. B. A. cared for and coordinated with nurses regarding her clients’ physical needs and these reinforced her desire to learn more so she could be of better service. And so, while working as a CAN, she pursued her Licensed Vocational Nurse program at Long Beach City College and graduated in 1996. She studied fulltime on weekdays and worked two jobs on weekends, to make both ends meet.
From 1996 – 2000, she worked as an LVN at the St. Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach, where she refined her technical skills on medication pass, intravenous therapy, irrigations and catheterizations, as well as patient support and safety implementations. B. A. was diligent and industrious, enough to be noticed by her charge nurses. One day, a supervisor approached and encouraged her to continue studying, and not to waste her talent. This prodded her to take an Associate Degree in Nursing, graduating from Long Beach City College in 2000, and subsequently passing her licensure examination.
From 2000 – 2004, she was promoted to Clinical Nurse II at St. Mary’s Hospital, Long Beach. She became a Nurse Supervisor at the Rehabilitation Unit, taking charge of LVNs and CNAs while coordinating with the interdisciplinary team regarding the clients’ therapies. By this time, her yearning for knowledge was insatiable, pushing her to finish the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the University of Phoenix in 2008. This opened the door for more exciting opportunities and challenging roles. She was promoted to Clinical Nurse III at St. Mary’s Hospital, a position she held for seven years from 2004 – 2011.
B. A. became the Nurse Coordinator of the same unit, liaised residents’ activities with the team and acted as resource person for staff in- services. In 2008, she was also certified as a Public Health Nurse. Ever grateful for her blessings, B. A. sought to share and impart her knowledge and skills with budding student nurses. From 2004 till present, she has returned to her Alma Mater, Everest College, as an Instructor of the LVN program. She continues to teach and inspire students, telling them to study well and learn in order to become successful nurses of the next generation. Graduate Education
During the interview, I saw glimpses of why B. A. wanted to be a nurse and why she pursued higher education. She recalled getting Scarlet Fever when she was a schooler and remembered a nice lady visiting and taking care of her. There was also a time when she lost her second pregnancy from an abruption. She was in shock and denial, and a nurse assisted her in cleansing and preparing the remains. She also mentioned that among her mother’s clan, she is the only member who is a degree holder. She considers this a major personal accomplishment. Together with her passion her teaching, she obtained her graduate education.
B. A. completed MSN/ Nursing/ Health Care Education at the University of Phoenix in 2011. This was an intense twenty month on- campus program, career- designed particularly for working professionals. The program prepared a baccalaureate degree nurse to function in leadership roles in clinical practice and educational settings. The curricula, centered on evidence- based practice, critical thinking and leadership development, helped to increase her knowledge and hone her skills. (Master of Science in Nursing, 2013)The nursing courses included advanced nursing content and process together with leadership skills.
(Master of Science in Nursing, 2013) The health care education program focused on faculty role, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and instructional strategies. (Master of Science in Nursing/ Nursing/ Health Care Education, 2013) The degree certified and qualified her for titles such as Nursing Instructor, Assistant Professor and Professor, and posts like Assistant Director of Nursing and Director of Nursing. (Summary Report for:Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary, 2013) Present Position B. A. is a newly- appointed Assistant Director of Nursing at our school. She is also in training and is expected to assume the Director of Nursing post next year to fill a projected vacancy. The nursing faculty is enthralled at her meteoric ascent and pledges to support for her success. She stated that her graduate education properly prepared her for the present job. She also claims that, in teaching students, critical thinking must be stressed and information provided must be evidence- based so students will be better informed and will act responsibly.
She cited the importance of knowing the theoretical basis of nursing and the principles of health promotion and disease prevention so we can teach better primary, secondary and tertiary nursing care. (Master of Science in Nursing, 2013) Having gone through Ethics, Professional Role Development and Human Diversity and Social Issues helped improve her outlook in life and how she deals with people. (Master of Science in Nursing, 2013) Her leadership training proved valuable particularly in her new role fraught with challenging decision- makings. B.
A. is adept in curriculum design and development, especially when she spearheaded the updating of our LVN course syllabi. Lastly, she claims to be a good team player, collaborator and patient advocate. She is also a great resource person, lecturer- educator and always is a reliable shoulder to cry on. Pearls of Wisdom B. A. advises students and fellow instructors to develop discipline and perseverance. Her accomplishments are outstanding, to say the least, for someone who grew up in urban Chicago ( she quips) and being a single mother of two.
She stated that a person must always look for a purpose in life and that there is nothing one cannot do if you set your mind into it. Continuously studying and reaching for the highest goal is her motto, and rightly so for she is currently in the midst of her Doctorate in Nurse Practice degree too. “The more you know, the better you would interact with your students and your clients”, she would remark. And above all, “Always pray and seek guidance from the Lord”. Our Assistant Director would say who recently was also appointed a Religious Minister of their congregation. Conclusion
In summary, I had interviewed B. A. , an MSN graduate and currently Assistant Director in the LVN program of our school. Through her studies, she had enriched her knowledge, sharpened her skills and evolved her attitudes into a more humane pen- minded perspective. Her graduate education helped her improve as a leader, as a curriculum expert, as a nursing educator, and as a corporate team player. I, on the other hand, have learned valuable lessons from this exercise. Virtues such as conviction, determination, discipline, and hard work are important elements for the success of any individual.
I too share with her in the belief on obtaining graduate education to better our lives and that of others. And, similarly, we both have strong faith and trust in our Christian beliefs and values. In capping, it is imperative to properly choose the right individual for this particular interview to be able to clearly understand the importance of graduate nursing education and how it will adequately prepare a nurse candidate for whatever challenging position he or she would apply for. I deem I have appropriately chosen the right person! (Personal Interview from B. A. ). References

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