Martial Law

Published: 2021-07-10 18:20:04
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Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was popularly known in the Philippine history as a dictator who established the Martial Law. His wife, Imelda Marcos is only a popular icon, known because of her collection of a thousand pairs of shoes. The history of the Philippines was made more enlightening and newsy when Ferdinand Marcos was elected President of the Philippines. His first term was great. Many establishments, roads, etc. was constructed. The economy was good and there was a healthy export of the country. The Philippine government was well managed by Marcos.
Imelda Marcos also had great power being the wife of the late president and was known to have an edifice complex. She helped establish many institutions such as the Heart Center, Lung Center, Kidney Center, Film Center and Cultural Center. However, during Marcos’ second term, Martial Law was born. This fateful event marks that start of a change in Philippine History, and has therefore affected the lives of many Filipinos. This also exhibits the greed and want of Marcos for power and control over the country.
When someone says Martial Law, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is the unceasing violence. Activists and protesters were captured and tortured to death. Violence was all around the country during that time. Anyone who seeks to bring down the legitimate power of Marcos was either captured, tortured or sentenced to death. It could even be done all at the same time. The Martial Law clearly and obviously violates the right of the people to life and liberty. Surging events such as the Plaza Miranda Bombing, and Ninoy Aquino’s death were reported under the rule of Martial Law.
During this time, the military has the control. Civilian supremacy was under the military. Marcos was indeed a great and intelligent man, but he used his almost impeccable knowledge for his selfish desires. History indeed repeats itself. What Marcos hasn’t predicted during his reign was that the people might seek and plan to overthrow a government if it doesn’t satisfy their needs and expectations. The People Power Revolution serves as a constant reminder to the Filipinos of their love for freedom and right democracy.
The Filipinos have protested against the Marcos regime and sought for their rights. Rights, in general, should be given to the people. What I found rather amazing during the People Power Revolution was that it was a peaceful revolution, and it succeeded in overthrowing the relentless rule of the Marcoses. The Philippine Republic was in chains during that particular moment in history. This event serves as a constant reminder to the citizens, and to the next leaders of the next generation to serve the country without their selfish appetites, and their unethical governing techniques.

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