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Published: 2021-06-14 09:50:04
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1. People ( People ) Retaining customers is all about building relationships and relationships are about people . If they want to retain their customers , brands should treat consumers as a person, not as a mere consumer. To achieve this , it is important that people stand up for the brand know treat customers well .
Two . product
The product must be in line with the target audience for the brand. If the product is aligned with consumer needs , will be much easier to brand meet the 7 P. If not , the task will be much more complicated. Therefore, it is important that products evolve at the same rate as the customer needs.
Three . Place ( Location )
The place where the product is placed is key , not only in traditional physical stores, but also in e- commerce . A good product featured in a good context is more likely to connect with the customer. April . price
The client assumes that this brand look after him . This is why it is willing to pay . And it will still be willing to pay the price that the mark will always imposed and when offered small “prizes” in the form of discounts, deals and additional services at no extra charge. May . promotion
Promoting a product is radically different if directed at consumers who are already customers of the brand or is intended for potential customers. In the first case , the brand and know your customer and know the reasons that makes use of its products and services. For this reason , you must use the information to send personalized and provided with context information.
6. processes
To retain customers , brands should pay close attention to the processes , monitoring social media, conducting interviews of customer satisfaction, and investing in marketing automation . These process data provided by the client to become actions that contribute to consumer loyalty .
7. Positioning
If you want to retain your customer, the brand must be clear who is and clearly communicate your personality and repeated consumer. The positioning of a brand is revealed in their actions , the people you hire, the products and services provided in the prices of their products and services, discounts apply at the place and promotions selected to be known and the processes implemented .

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