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Published: 2021-07-30 04:30:07
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Adidas mainly focuses on demographic and psychographic segmentation’s. So Adidas develops their brand in 3 different styles of segmentation. Demographic segmentation refers to dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables, such as sex and age. This method has long been used in clothing market. Adidas brands products into range of male, female and kids, according to age and life cycle segmentation and gender segmentation. Adidas has a branded range of male and female clothing, shoes or body-care and eye wear. Performance, originals and style are all three brands of Adidas.
Psychographic segmentation is used to divide the market into groups based on social class, life style or personality characteristics. Adidas focuses on social class because people within a given social class tend to have similar buying traits. Companies also use income, gender, ethnic, and family life cycle segmentation’s to distinguish their market but Adidas keeps it a little less complicated and more wide ranged so the brand is marketing to many different people all over the world. No other brand has a more distinguished history or stronger connection with sport than adidas. didas is everywhere where the best meet the best, like the FIFA World Cup or the NBA All-Star Game, but also everywhere else around the globe where sports are simply played, watched, enjoyed and celebrated. Everything at adidas Sport Performance reflects the spirit of our founder Adi Dassler. The main objective is simple: make athletes better. Therefore, innovation is at the core of all adidas Sport Performance products. The target consumers of the sub-brand are clearly those consumers who call themselves athletes, are active in sport, or simply are inspired by and love sport.
While we have a pivotal strength with the 20- to 29-year-olds, going forward a clear focus will be the high school athlete and the 14- to 19-year-olds. adidas Sport Performance offers products in most sports categories. The key focus categories are: •Football •Basketball •Running •Training •Outdoor Furthermore, adidas Sport Performance is focusing on interactive and customisation as key growth drivers across categories. A perfect example of this is adidas miCoach, which is the world’s first web-based personalised training service. It combines state-of-the-art training with a personalised web service and real-time audio coaching.
It is compatible with all MP3 players and is available as an application on various smart phones such as iPhone and Blackberry. miCoach is a clear highlight of our focus on innovation to help make athletes better and “fit for performance”. Standing as one of the most versatile companies in the world Adidas is not subjected to limited markets of any kind. Big enough to have a web of readily available products eagerly anticipating the attack of our marketing mix. Adidas has its hand on almost every person on the planet as far as potential consumers; producing products that fit almost every demographic possible.
Adidas takes a very cerebral approach to who their target market is and how it is marketed to them. Adidas uses common strategies for segmenting various markets. From a geographical standpoint Adidas uses a tactic referred to as geographic marketing. Geographic marketing allows Adidas to market specific products to certain places throughout the world. For example Adidas soccer cleat commercials and ads are seen more in europe as opposed to america because soccer isn’t as popular or as publicized in The United States as european and other external countries.
The most successful and most applied segmentation strategy used has been psychographic segmentation, which appeals to our personalities, attitudes, motives, and even our lifestyles. For Adidas to aim is to not only appeal to the younger generation but even to baby boomers as well. With the use of demographic variables such as age and loaction Adidas is able to segment their approach to different target markets with ease. Age segmentation is crucially important as it allows Adidas to market products to people of the right age group.
Like most active and performance gear brands emphasis is mainly placed on marketing to the younger generation as individuals who are younger tend to be more increasingly active then people of older age. Adidas seems to have gender somewhat evenly marketed, the only thing that may tip the scale is that adidas’ mainstream sporting products are made and marketed for a male dominated crowd, I wonder what made them believe that women dont like football,baseball and basketball too. Market Segments of Adidas *Geographic Segmentation ? Density: Urban and semi-urban cities ? Demographic segmentation ? Age: 15 to 35 Income level: >Rs. 15,000 ? Social class: Upper middle, lower upper and upper class ? Gender: Male and female ? Behavioural segmentation BENEFITS SOUGHT ? Athletes ? Gym regulars ? Sports enthusiasts ? Brand freaks ?R Image seekersUSER STATUSUSAGE RATEBUYER – READINESS STAGELOYALTY STATUSATTITUDE ? Psychographic segmentation ? Experiencers ? Achievers ? Image drivers ? Strivers Re-segment of Markets: Rain proof shoes in the north of UK as opposed to London and the south People who use smartphones and people who don’t University locations as opposed to major cities Cambridge students cycle a loy

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